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Defenders of the Constitution April 3, 2005 Alabama Conservative Newsletter

Last chance to stop Citizen Intimidation/Gamblers' Protection Act. also known as the Christian Coalition Elimination Act HB 75   From: Eunie Smith []

Dear Friends,

            Next Tuesday, the Alabama Senate could pass HB75, the "disclosure" bill that would require any organization providing information on a candidate or potential candidate for public office to report contributors/members to the Alabama Secretary of State. This could do away with our candidate questionnaires and reports to you on how your elected officials vote unless we disclose our private membership list.  The same punitive and unconstitutional requirement would be imposed on other nonprofit citizen groups, unions, schools, fraternal organizations, civic leagues, chambers of commerce and clubs.

             This bill CAN STILL be stopped if 15 Senators will vote NO on the BIR (Budget Isolation Resolution), a preliminary vote required to bring the measure to the floor for final vote. The BIR vote requires a 3/5 majority to pass.  A BIR vote was taken 3/17/2005. Those voting NO were Biddle, Butler, Byrne, Dixon, Erwin, Holley, Lee, Marsh, Myers, and Smith. If your Senator voted NO, call to say, "Thank you.  Please vote NO every time the BIR on HB75 comes up."  

             If your Senator did not vote NO, call and say, "Please do not deprive citizens like me of our rights to information on issues.  Please vote NO on the BIR on HB75."  Do not let them tell you that they will vote NO on final passage, because that will do no good.  Gambling Czar Milton McGregor has already bought the simple majority needed for the bill to pass. In that case, we will need to appeal immediately to the Governor not to sign the bill.

             Please call today and ask others to do so as well. The Senate switchboard number is 334-242-7800.  Attached and copied below is my earlier letter to the Senate on this bill.

             THANK YOU!  We certainly don't want to have to trust our freedom to receive information on public policy issues to the courts, but we will have to find the money to go to court if this bill passes because we will NOT violate your privacy!

Eunie Smith, President
Eagle Forum of Alabama

 reappoint judge roy moore

Sample Letter

Dear Senator: 

            Having spent the better part of my adult life encouraging and equipping average citizens to be involved in public policy, I am distressed to see that the Alabama legislature is moving bills that would discourage such involvement.

              Must I disclose Eagle Forum's private donor lists in order to print and distribute responses to candidate questionnaires? Or take positions on legislation?  Or take positions on referenda?  To require citizen groups to comply with disclosure laws is to dampen their free speech rights and to deprive the public of information on which to base voting decisions.  HB75 disclosure requirements are more burdensome than campaign or PAC disclosure laws!

            Why does the average citizen not want his name published? Listen to this answer from one of our members:

Because they might be harassed as I was when I wrote a letter to the editor once.  I had a toilet seat thrown in my front yard, had to stop many magazines that were ordered in my name, had pornography sent to me, received letters from Federal prisoners who had been misled into thinking I had written to them, etc.

            Such disclosure certainly could intimidate some people fearful of harassment from engaging in public discourse through their support of Eagle Forum.  Its requirements would be burdensome and invasive well beyond the limits of the First Amendment.  If this legislature does not have the good sense to defeat this bill, non profits such as ours would have to foot the legal cost to have the bill declared unconstitutional with funds contributed by countless grassroots Alabamians. 

We need Judge Roy Moore of Alabama Poem by Judge Roy Moore (Judge Roy Moore Poem)

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Chaper 1 Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.Read the first chapter of a book about Alabama's Judge.
For More information Roy Moore

            An informed electorate is essential to good government in a Constitutional Republic such as these United States.  However, HB75 seeks to prevent vital information from reaching citizens on issues and on candidates' positions on issues.   We urge you to oppose HB75. It attacks the core of free speech, the heart of citizen participation in government, and the accountability and transparency expected of office holders who represent their constituents.



Eunie Smith, President 

reappoint judge roy moore

2.  The bill "hypocritically exempts" political action committees (PACs) and lobbyist from disclosure.

"Political action committees are the very groups that wield the most influence and power over legislation and elections and are often front groups for special interests that politicians do not want to be identified with publicly," he said. "The legislators who support this bill think that they can convince the voters of Alabama that it is pro-family groups that educate the public about legislation and expose the voting records and positions of state legislators that are a great threat to the legislative and political process in Alabama."

reappoint judge roy moore

3.  Eagle Forum holds it annual Leadership Conference, in Birmingham, April 15-16.

Friends, the superior quality and timeliness of the presentations scheduled for 4/15-16 in Birmingham at the Eagle Forum Leadership Conference are NO April Fool Joke!  It is just two weeks away, so if you have not made your reservations and invited others to join you, please use one of the attached flyers to mail to us ASAP.

You will hear expert speakers on cutting edge issues.  We have just seen the courts kill a disabled American. Hear three members of the Alabama Congressional delegation discuss with Phyllis how to curb the courts, who are also taking away our religious freedom as I write.  Minutemen today are guarding our borders.  Hear the President of the National Border Patrol Council tell us how to stop illegal immigration.  Hear Dr. Eidsmoe on "What a Difference a World View Makes!" and get his new DVD series on this subject.  Hear Phyllis's dynamic speech on the Culture War and enjoy a musical tribute to our Armed Forces at the Friday banquet. Learn  the source of anti-American propaganda disguised as history in Alabama schools.  Hear how trade policy can adversely affect manufacturing jobs in Alabama.  Hear how you can make a difference on federal and state legislation.

Please come and bring friends.  "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund Burke   Freedom is not free; it has to be earned by each succeeding generation.  This generation has much ground to regain.  Will you consider filling a table for the banquet or one of the luncheons?

For God and country
Eunie Smith, President
Eagle Forum of Alabama

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4.  The Pro-Life Conservative wing of the Republican Party, Republican Assembly holds its annual state Convention April 16, in Birmingham, same hotel as Eagle Forum Convention.

            As I said in my recent letter to all ALRA members, the 2005 Alabama Republican Assembly Convention will by held at the Birmingham Marriott Hotel on Hwy 280 in Birmingham on April 16, 2005.  This will be the 7th Annual meeting of the Alabama Republican Assembly.

            We have what the Board thinks will be a real treat, as we will be meeting in conjunction with the Alabama Eagle Forum State Leadership Conference.  Our meeting will be held at the end of the EF conference immediately after their Saturday luncheon.  We will not be endorsing candidates at this off year convention; therefore we will not require local units to send a certain number of delegates based upon their membership.  All ALRA members are invited and encouraged to attend this important meeting. 

            We encourage our members to attend all of the Eagle Forum conference if at all possible.  If you need more information about the Eagle Forum conference or registration information, you may go to  If not the entire event, we would like for you, at the least, to come to the Saturday luncheon to hear T. J. Bonner, President, National Border Patrol Council speak on the subject, "Preserving a Nation: The Battle to Secure America's Borders."   Illegal immigration is likely the most important issue facing this nation after the war against terrorist and the problem is integrally tied to the problem of terrorists, as they have free rein to our nation through the porous borders.

            We will convene our ALRA meeting immediately following the Saturday luncheon, at approximately 2:00 p.m. in the Marriott?s Jefferson Room.  Our meeting will last for approximately two hours.   Our Assembly agenda will center on the following items of business.

  • Election of ALRA officers for the next two years

  • Report from the National Board meeting

  • Assembly Education Fund, how we can use this important tool locally

  • National Federation of Republican Assemblies Convention, Sept. 2-5, 2005, Scottsdale AZ

  • The Assembly's role in the 2006 "fight" to gain Republican control of the Alabama Legislature in 2006.

            Registration process:

  1. If you register for the conference directly with Eagle Forum, please also respond to me using the Assembly registration form below and return envelope.

  2. If you wish only to attend the luncheon and our meeting, you may register using only the Assembly registration form.  I will forward your luncheon registration to the Eagle Forum office.  Cost for the Eagle Forum conference is on their brochure.

  3. Cost to register for our meeting is only $10.00

  4. Cost for the luncheon is $25.00. 

  5. Cost for the luncheon and ALRA meeting is a total of $35.00 per person.

If you have already registered with me for the ALRA state meeting, please accept my thanks.  If not, please try to do so this week.  I must have luncheon registrations to Eagle Forum by Monday am, April 11 at the very latest.  You can send me your luncheon and/or meeting registration to ALRA P. O. Box 689 Pelham, AL 35124

If you have not yet paid your 2005 dues, please do so as soon as possible.  We must report our membership levels to National soon. 

If you need to pay at the door, please let me know via email response. 

            Thank you for your membership and support of the Alabama Republican Assembly, the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.  Working together we can help the Republican Party stay attuned to its Conservative Principles and help make our government truly one that represents the conservative values of our citizens.

            I hope to see you at the 2005ALRA Convention.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to call me

             on 205-664-0525 or email me at



Elaine Little, ALRA President

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5.  Support the Alabama Legislative Bill to display the Ten Commandments in public schools.

The Senate Education Committee has voted on Feb 9, to make sure that every public school has the Ten Commandments displayed and that every school day begins with students and teachers reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Support the Alabama Legislative Bill to display the Ten Commandments in public schools.

The Senate Education Committee has voted on Feb 9, to make sure that every public school has the Ten Commandments displayed and that every school day begins with students and teachers reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bills that would put both requirements into law won approval today in the state Senate Education Committee. The bills now go to the Senate for consideration. One of the bills, by state Senator Curt Lee, would require each public school in Alabama to display framed or mounted copies of the Ten Commandments, Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Lee says the documents provide the foundation for American government and they should be on display daily in every public school in Alabama.

Contact information for members of the Alabama Legislature can be found at:

 SENATE CENTRAL FAX - 334-242-8818 (Goes to any Senator if you say: "to Senator [name]")

Take Action - Contact your state senator or representative and ask them to vote NO on this unconstitutional bill that targets the Christian Coalition and other conservative groups.

For those who have a representative who represents a least part of the following counties can call and leave a brief message:

Jefferson County Courthouse Birmingham
Legislative Delegation Office 
716 Richard Arrngton Jr
Birmingham, AL 35203-0100 Phone:  (205) 325-5308 

Mobile County Legislative Delegation
104 S Lawrence St
Mobile, AL 36602-2022 Phone: (251) 208-5480

Huntsville and Madison County Legislative Office
100 Saint Clair Ave Sw Ste A
Huntsville, AL 35801-4422 Phone: (256) 539-5441

reappoint judge roy moore


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