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Alabama Conservative News - Dec 05

Stop the invasion of illegal aliens.

Stop the invasion of illegal aliens. Madison County Commissioner Morris "Mo" Brooks is pushing a bill that would make it a crime for employers to hire illegal aliens. His proposed bill would severely penalize employers for hiring illegal aliens, and thus dry up their jobs. This would encourage illegal aliens  to  move somewhere besides Alabama.

Madision County Commissioner Mo Brooks is pushing a bill to stop illegal immigration in Alabama. It also provides financial incentives for whistle-blowers to turn in violators. The "Stop Employment of Illegal Aliens Act", would make it a felony to knowingly employ an illegal alien. Brooks calls it the "See Ya Act," playing off its acronym, SEIAA. Brooks, a Madison County commissioner from Huntsville, said the recent shooting death of Huntsville police officer Daniel Golden and a rash of recent traffic fatalities in Huntsville caused by illegal immigrant drivers motivated him.

"It's been a growing series of events involving illegal aliens that has helped to educate me about the magnitude of the problem," Brooks said Friday. "Someone needs to take action and do something about it." This bill would also prohibit illegal aliens from suing Americans, a growing problem.

Read more about Mo Brooks and read more about his proposed bill

Contact your local Alabama Legislator and demand that they take action to stop this illegal invasion of aliens. Support bills like the proposed, "Stop Employment of Illegal Aliens Act",

reappoint judge roy moore

Don Sigeleman on Ten Commandments

Former Alabama Governor Don Sigeleman says he supports the display of the Ten Commandments in court houses and in schools. He said he didn't raise taxes, tried to pass a lottery to support education, recruited five major automobile industries and started a push to remove portable classrooms from school campuses.

In contrast, Siegelman said Riley "tried to raise taxes" immediately after taking office and raised taxes by changing property tax reappraisals from every four years to annually. He criticized Baxley, a Democratic opponent, for her support of annual reappraisals. Don Siegelman said he supports displaying the Ten Commandments in courtrooms and schools.

reappoint judge roy moore

Governor Bob Riley on Ten Commandments

This is a contrast to Alabama Governor Bob Riley. Under his watch, the Ten Commandments were quietly removed from the Alabama Capital in January 2005.

reappoint judge roy moore

Property Taxes on Rise Under Riley Order

Read more about Governor Riley and your property taxes.

reappoint judge roy moore

From the Desk of Governor Riley

From the Desk of Governor Riley
Read what he's saying, and what he has said.

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