reappoint judge roy moore

Ala Conservative Events, Judge Moore at God and Country Rally July 2005

reappoint judge roy moore

Featuring Judge Roy Moore

Free Admission / Free Fish Fry / For the Entire Family and Friends Gospel Stringing and Singing

Thursday, July 21st, Doors Open 6:30 PM
The Cedars Phoenician Club
301 Green Springs Ave South, Birmingham

Judge Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and author of  "So Help Me God."

Judge Moore's dynamic and compelling story about the moral foundation of American law, government, and the basic principles on which our country were founded, should be heard by all.

Remember Free Fish Fry / Y?all Come, John Michael, 3301 Overton Trail Birmingham, AL 35243

(205) 967-9817

reappoint judge roy moore

Alabama: Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair

Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama presents "Toward a Biblical Worldview", 17th Annual Convention Home School Convention and Curriculum Fair 2005 State Convention July 8 & 9

Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center

Special Guest Speakers: Jeff Myers, Ken Ham plus Gary DeMar

reappoint judge roy moore

Draft Judge Roy Moore for Governor

Draft Judge Roy Moore for Governor Committee, has been launched and established. For info and to sign petition.

We need someone to stop the barrage of tax increases.

reappoint judge roy moore

Seminar on How to Resolve Conflicts, with Bible Principles Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts, Bill Gothard.

Huntsville Seminar July 11-16, 256-498-0929 e-mail Ron Synder at


Hueytown, AL Aug 22-27, 2005 205-744-5820

Nashville, TN Oct 3-8, 2005 800-837-7597 Basic Life Principles Seminar

Health: Total Health Conference - Nashville, TN

Learn to identify and address the prominent physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional factors affecting your total health.

August 22?26, 2005 and October 17?21, 2005

Marriage: Noble Partners Marriage Conference?Dallas, TX

August 4?7, 2005 Ignite passion and purpose in your marriage by learning how to become noble partners!

reappoint judge roy moore

Save Alabama Gulf State Lodge.

Urgent request for action from Jim Zeigler, attorney for Save Our Alabama Parks:

Every Alabama citizen needs to know about the plan to give away our Gulf State Lodge. Please send this message to everyone in Alabama and keep sending until we can stop this 99-year mistake.

The plan is to demolish Gulf State Lodge, never to return. It gives a 99-year lease to the Auburn Board of Trustees. Auburn sub-leases the property in an un-bid contract to West Paces Group, a new Atlanta company of ex-Ritz Carlton executives.

West Paces builds a four-star $300-a-night resort. They will use state land and beach-front to compete with the Perdido Resort, the Grand Hotel, and all Baldwin County rental properties.

We are getting into something we cannot get out of. There is no escape clause. This resort will not even be operated by the state parks system. There will not be a Gulf State Lodge.

The purpose of Gulf State Lodge is for Alabama folks to come to our beach and stay. We will no longer be able to do so. Vote anti gambling Anti Gambling

This is the first time the state has signed away state park property to be used by an out-of-state developer for something other than a state park.

This plan is like the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that let the government take people's land away and give it to private developers. The little guy is losing his rights to big government.

Albert Lipscomb, a former state senator, has voiced concerns about the constitutionality of the lease. The grassroots movement that has sprung up to question the lease is called Save Our Alabama Parks (SOAP).

Your help is needed QUICKLY to stop the 99-year giveaway. Please do two things. One, send this message to everyone and KEEP sending it. Two, contact the only person who can stop this plan ? Gov. Bob Riley:

Gov. Bob Riley, 600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36130


334-242-7100 Fax: 334-353-0004

More information at Campaign Signs , Lawn Signs

Thank you. Jim Zeigler

reappoint judge roy moore

Seal Our Borders from Illegal Immigrants!

Alabama Republican Party approves resolution.

They passed a resolution that asks the federal government to seal the country's borders against illegal immigrants. The resolution written by Hugh McInnish, wants the government to shut the country's borders to illegal immigrants and "employ all practical and legal measures required to achieve this end." The current immigration practices make it easier for terrorists to enter the country and put a greater financial burden on taxpayer Read more at: or







    reappoint judge roy moore