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    reappoint judge roy moore

Let's Draft Judge Roy Moore to be our Governor

There was a lack of leadership when the special interest groups tried to impose the Billion Dollar Tax increases on the citizens of Alabama, with Amendment 1 in 2003. It took Judge Roy Moore to stand up to the special interest groups when they tried to sneak by Amendment 2 in 2004. This Amendment 2 to the Constitution would have given the courts the ability the raise taxes with the excuse and authority of giving a child an equal education. The noble efforts by Roy Moore has saved the tax payers billions of dollars this year and future years. We all remember the "Good Ole Days" when a local pastor acknowledged God by praying at a football game. It is rare to find a public official who will stand for the people against the special interest groups. Bring back the "Good Ole Days". We need to persuade Judge Roy Moore to run for Governor of Alabama.

We urge all concerned citizens to join us in this effort to encourage Judge Roy Moore to run for Governor of Alabama. With our combined efforts we can give him the support he needs, as he has supported issues dear to our hearts - we can encourage and support him to make this decision and then to win the election. A Governor is needed who will publicly "Acknowledge God", as was commonly done by our forefathers of the past, and obey the Ten Commandments. Here is how YOU can help!

Here is how YOU can help!

1. Print & collect signatures for the Petition to draft Judge Roy Moore.

Print & collect signatures for the Petition to draft Judge Roy Moore. Judge Moore is expected to announce a decision about running for Governor of Alabama later this year. Print this petition from the web site and take it to your friends to sign. Ask others to circulate petition.

Click here to download a copy of the petition.

2. On Line Petition to draft Judge Roy Moore. Citizens from Alabama and all across America are encouraged to participate.

Sign the Draft Judge Roy Moore Petition. Forward the petition to friends. Click  .

3. Bumper Stickers.

"We Need MOORE For Governor" bumper stickers are available. Send a self addressed envelope to:

We Need Moore 2006
30 Creek Dr,
Montgomery, Al 36117

4. Donations.

Please consider sending a donation to help with our expenses. Make check payable to: "We Need Moore 2006". Please send check to:

We Need Moore 2006
P.O. Box 228
Gadsden, Al 35902

5. Contact "We Need Moore 2006" by email:


On issues dear to our heart, Judge Roy Moore has taken a stand, time and time again. Now it is time for us to stand with Judge Roy Moore!,Chief Justice Roy Moore

Ten Commandments Law
Ten Commandments Supreme Court


 For more information check: Conservative Christians of Alabama, Conservative


    reappoint judge roy moore