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Phone rates, probably going up.

George Wallace, Jr. and Terry Butts, try to prevent the Alabama Legislature from passing Telephone Deregulation Bill. Riley fails to veto special interest bill.

Alabama Public Service Commissioner George C. Wallace, Jr. and former Supreme Court Justice Terry Butts argued against passage of the telephone deregulation bill and recommended that Governor Riley veto it. However, Governor Riley signed the bill and it is now law.

Both Wallace and Butts agree that the long term effect of the telephone deregulation bill will be a sharp and steady increase in consumers' phone bills. Further, Wallace and Butts point out that under the bill a customer will have nowhere to complain except to the phone company itself.

Finally, Commissioner Wallace and Judge Butts say it is just another example of what is wrong with politics in Montgomery when the phone company spends thousands of dollars to hire every major lobbyist to secure passage of the bill. "It is a classic example of favored treatment for a few special interests at the expense of the many," said Butts.

An article by the Associated Press reflects that about 75% of members of the Alabama Legislature received large donations from Bellsouth. It appears that Bellsouth donations to paved the way for the passage of their deregulation bill. Despite pleas from conservatives, Governor Riley did not veto this bill that will likely result in higher phone bills, and signed the bill anyway. With AEA Donations and Gambling Donations, the Alabama Legislature appears to totally ignore the will of the people.

The public should recognize that when a politicians have large sums of money to spend on advertising, special interest groups have bought and paid for them.

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Governor Riley's Approval Rating is 36%, Disapproval Rating is 52%.

Governor Riley's Approval Rating is 36%, Disapproval Rating is 52%. Read the rest of the story at can be read at these web site:

Alabama Robert Riley 36% 52%

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Winner of recent Alabama Legislative Session is Paul Hubbert, getting a 6 % teacher pay raise. Taxpayers lose.

The big winner of course is Paul Hubbert and the education union. Once again the people of Alabama see clearly who our state legislature answers to and it is not the voters. At a time when the state legislature had an opportunity to fill a little of the financial hole the state is in, they dug it a little deeper by passing an education budget that will likely put the state in proration next year.

Before anyone thinks this is a slap at the Democrat dominated State House and Senate, let the record show that all but nine Republicans voted for Hubbert's budget. Facing re-election next year, it appears that these "conservatives" put politics above principles and way above the best interests of the people.

Clearly the legislators fear having Hubbert against them. Primarily, they fear his ability to recruit and fund opponents to run against them in the next election. So they did what so many politicians in this state do, they capitulated to him. And in so doing they made the state's budget and revenue problems worse and further justified the public's ever deepening cynicism of state government.

To recap, by the end of the next fiscal year the state's education revenues are projected to be over $550 million higher than the current education budget. Faced with over half a billion dollars in additional funds, you would think state legislators would seek to meet some critical needs and perhaps even hold some of the revenue in reserve to cover future revenue short falls. But this legislature does not think like that.

Instead, Paul Hubbert demanded a pay raise of six percent for all education employees and retirees, even though the revenue forecasters in Montgomery have predicted that there will not be enough money to pay for it. What this means is that the state legislature has passed a budget that will more then likely put the state in proration next year, meaning cuts in education would have to be made. This usually translates into layoffs of untenured teachers and other education personnel and program cuts. Against Abortion, Anti Gambling

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Liberal Republicans vote with Liberal Democrats to override irresponsible Ala Education Budget.

In the House

Dr. Robert Bentley - Tuscaloosa County

Joe Faust - Baldwin County

Lynn Greer - Lauderdale County

Todd Greeson - DeKalb County

Ronald Johnson - Talladega County

Jeremy Oden - Cullman and Morgan Counties

Arthur Payne - Jefferson County

Elwyn Thomas - Blount County

And in the Senate, only Senator Jack Biddle - Jefferson, Blount, and St. Clair Counties.

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Drayton Nabors, Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court appears to carry water for Liberals.

Drayton Nabors, Chief Justice of Alabama Supreme Court appears to carry water for Liberals. In a speech before the Huntsville Republican Men's Club on May 21, Chief Justice Nabors said he is for the rewrite of the Alabama Constitution. When asked if we should obey an out of line order by a Federal Judge over an established Constitutional principal, he gave an unclear answer. Drayton Nabors earned his loyalty to the Riley Administration by being the Chief of the Finance Department. Drayton Nabors was the author and chief architect of Bob Riley's Billion Dollar Tax Plan. Drayton Nabors also campaigned for the tax increase. Bumper Stickers

reappoint judge roy moore

Judge Judas Bill Pryor to soon be voted on.

The Senate will soon have an up and down vote on Judge Judas Bill Pryor.

Please call our senators and tell them to vote no on a man that thinks that the rule of law is a judges opinion! A man who would not keep his word to Governor Fob James to support the 10K and Judge Moore. A man who made video gambling possible with his ruling on the Chucky Cheese law. A man who allowed the schools to be used as campaign headquarters for the vote on the school tax increase. A man who ruled that a private black college was a state school so that they would be eligible for state funding. A man who violated the law when he a defense lawyer for Judge Moore became the prosecution to get a federal judgeship. A man who 5 times voted for Terry Schiavo to be starved to death. A man who has said that Roe V Wade is the law of the land and he would enforce it! A man who 3 times asked Judge Moore if he put him back in office would he continue to acknowledge God! Of course Judge Moore said he would acknowledge God and Pryor had him removed from office. There will be many more rulings like this from Judas Bill Pryor in the next forty years as he is only 43 years of age.

Call Senator Jeff Sessions at 202 224-4124

Call Senator Richard Shelby at 202 224-5744

For other senators call the Capitol switchboard at

202 -224-3121

Sign Petition to Congress to resend nomination of Bill Pryor

reappoint judge roy moore

Legislative overview, by Alabamians for Real Reform, click here.

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