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Defenders of the Constitution May 7, 2005 Newsletter Stop Bill Pryor

Last Chance To Stop Liberal Judge Bill Pryor

Senator Arlen Specter predicted that Bill Pryor would be voted out of committee on May 12, 2005 and on to the Senate floor.

Bill Pryor is remembered for five defining events in his public career:

1. According to a sworn affidavit by former Alabama Governor Fob James, Bill Pryor was appointed to Attorney General on a promise to the Governor that he would stand against unlawful decisions of judges on the Ten Commandments issue ? a promise he later broke.[i]

2. Pryor not only reversed his position on non-compliance to unlawful federal orders, he even went so far as Attorney General to nullify a state law against partial birth abortion, based on his view of the ?rule of law.?[ii]

3. As Attorney General, he vigorously prosecuted and persecuted Chief Justice Roy Moore, asking him three times on the witness stand if the great Christian jurist would ?continue to acknowledge God? even if a court told him not to do so. (To watch the chilling interchange between Attorney General William Pryor and Chief Justice Moore, click here.) Upon hearing his answer, Mr. Pryor declared the Chief Justice ?unrepentant? and successfully demanded his expulsion from office, thus making Mr. Pryor the first man in American history to oust a sitting Chief Justice for his Christian faith.

4. As a nominee before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, Mr. Pryor argued, in effect, that though he personally opposed abortion, he would enforce the rights of mothers to vivisect their children because the most important issue was not life, the law of God, nor the Constitution, but instead the decision of judges, which he terms ?the rule of law.? During his hearings and throughout the debate for his position for federal judge, Bill Pryor bent over backwards to repeatedly assure liberal Senators that his personal opposition to abortion and his belief that killing babies is unconstitutional would have no bearing on his recognized duty to follow the ?rule of law? by defending abortion rights as defined by the Supreme Court.[iii]

5. As acting federal judge with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, he voted against the life of Terri Schiavo, by refusing to consider new evidence in the case.[iv]

More Information on Bill Pryor

Detailed documentation on the liberalism of Bill Pryor can be found at:

Stop Liberal Bill Pryor. Stop the confirmation of a liberal who actions has been harmful to pro life, to the public display of the Ten Commandments, and Bill Pryor's rulings has aided gambling activities. Bill Pryor as the Alabama Attorney General, had Judge Roy Moore removed from office.
For Moore informationJudge Roy Moore

Petition to request Congress not to approve Bill Pryor as Judge:

4. Call Capital Switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Contact information:

Senate Majority Leader Bill First: 202-224-3344

Tell your senator to vote No to Bill PRYOR.

stop bill pryor

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