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Conservative Events, Hate Crime Legislation

Hate Crime Legislation is in danger of passing.

If you aren�t willing to make a phone call, perhaps you don't deserve your freedom. If this passes, it will be a crime to call homosexuality a sin or to wave a confederate flag.



Please read: Fight in Senate is Our Only Hope for Survival of Free Speech By Rev. Ted Pike

reappoint judge roy moore

Judge Moore is running for Governor of Alabama.

You can be involved, no matter where you live. Please visit

reappoint judge roy moore

Southern Baptist Battle for Christian Education Moves to the States
Pinckney-Shortt Christian Education Resolution Inspires Resolutions in at Least 10 Conventions Covering 15 States

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - When T.C. Pinckney, retired brigadier general and prominent Southern Baptist leader, and Bruce N. Shortt, a Houston, TX, attorney and home school father of three children, first joined forces to ask the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to consider a resolution urging Southern Baptist parents to pull their children out of public schools and provide them with a Christian Education, they didn't foresee that their effort would inspire Baptist leaders in at least 10 conventions to introduce similar resolutions in the SBC's state and regional conventions this October and November. Read the rest of the story at :

reappoint judge roy moore

Exodus Mandate announces "Homeschooling Family to Family", a recruitment program.

COLUMBIA, SC, Oct. 6 / Christian Wire Service / Exodus Mandate announced today that it has launched "Homeschooling Family-to-Family" (HFTF) with strong support from important homeschooling organizations such as the Home School Legal Defense Association, the Southern Baptist Church Home Education Association, and the National Black Home Educators Resource Association. Homeschooling Family-to-Family encourages experienced homeschoolers to "share their heart for homeschooling" by offering to mentor families they already know into homeschooling. HFTF's goal is to bring over one million new children into homeschooling over a five to seven year period, thereby strengthening state and local homeschooling organizations.

As Exodus Mandate founder E. Ray Moore, Jr., points out, the need for Homeschooling Family-to-Family is obvious: "I think virtually every experienced homeschool family has serious conversations about homeschooling every year with friends, neighbors, and relatives who are intrigued by homeschooling, but who are a little afraid to start. HFTF asks experienced Christian homeschoolers to take the initiative by helping one of those families set aside its fears and start homeschooling by extending the hand of Christian fellowship as a homeschool mentor. In many cases HFTF mentoring would also be an excellent opportunity to share the Gospel." For more information go to:

Click here for Exodus Mandate Press Release.

reappoint judge roy moore

Alabama Tea Party

October 15, 2005, BJCC 2-4 p.m. Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex. Read more below.

This is your chance to let the political class know you have had it with being ignored and being forced to pay welfare benefits for non-citizens and you have had it with Americans, born or naturalized, losing their jobs and opportunities to illegal aliens who will work for slave wages.

IF you will help put thousands of people in the Birmingham Civic Center on October 15th to protest the illegal alien invasion and theft of your property rights by making sure the room is overflowing, the elitists in the political class will crumble before your eyes and be forced to act. Do Not Allow Them To Ignore Your Will for Another Day! PLEASE DO THIS TODAY !

Chuck Baldwin for President

Chuck Baldwin, the conservative alternative for President, Constitution. While Obama is a clear abomination. , McCain has a record of pushing the liberal record. As Ann Coulter says, McCain will leave the Republican Party in shambles. The next 2 Congressional elections are likely to have major loses to the GOP. If Obama were President, people would wake up and get fired up, They will go to sleep under Republican President McCain. Use Campaign Signs , Lawn Signs . Vote no to anti gamlbing. Anti Gambling . Help facilitate grassroots campaign organizing for Chuck Baldwin! Get the networking and organizational tools to become actively involved in Chuck Baldwin's for President campaign. Conservative

Parker Griffith

Parker Griffith has severed as an Alabama State Senator. His actions reflect that he is a liberal Democrat. While serving as a medical doctor at Huntsville Hospital, he was dismissed for questionable service.
Alabama Constitution Amendments

Parker Griffith Huntsville Hospital

reappoint judge roy moore

The Federal Police State Is Closer Than You Think

Click here to read article. 

    reappoint judge roy moore