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Alabama Conservative Events September/October

Life Chain. Alabama locations and contacts

LIFE CHAIN: is a peaceful and prayerful public witness of pro-life Americans standing for one hour praying for our nation and for an end to abortion. It is a visual statement of solidarity by the Christian community that abortion kills children and that the Church supports the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception

Click here for a list of Alabama Life Chain Locations and contacts.

It is not too late to organize a life chain in your town.  Oct 30, 2005 will be an alternate date for holding a Life Chain for those who do not get started in time for the Sunday Oct 2, 2005 event. For more info see: or  and

reappoint judge roy moore

Alabama Tea Party

October 15, 2005, BJCC  2-4 p.m. Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

Download the TEA PARTY announcement flyer then, copy it and send it to everyone you know + feel free to reproduce it, photocopy it and distribute as many copies as you can from now until the day of the meeting. This is your chance to let the political class know you have had it with being ignored and being forced to pay welfare benefits for non-citizens and you have had it with Americans, born or naturalized, losing their jobs and opportunities to illegal aliens who will work for slave wages knowing the American welfare system will fill in their economic gaps ... Let them know you will not stand still for having your property rights violated with their selfish, self-serving eminent domain agenda.

If you will help put thousands of people in the Birmingham Civic Center on October 15th to protest the illegal alien invasion and theft of your property rights by making sure the room is overflowing, the elitists in the political class will crumble before your eyes and be forced to act. Do Not Allow Them To Ignore Your Will for Another Day! PLEASE DO THIS TODAY !

reappoint judge roy moore

Huntsville Christian Business Expo

Saturday, Oct 29, Von Braun Center  10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

We are scheduling business expositions across the US.

These expos are designed to bring together Christian owned/operated businesses and the Christian consumer. 2 out of 3 (67%) of consumers surveyed indicate they would prefer to do business with Christian owned/operated businesses BUT....they don't know which businesses are and are not Christian based!!!

We intend to change this troubling paradigm and unite the Christian consumer with Christian businesses.  50% discount to ministries for a booth.

toll-free 1-877-267-9876

".let your light shine before men." Mat 5:16

This event is free to the public. Over 7,000 expected to attend.

reappoint judge roy moore

Draft Judge Moore for Governor.

With rising property taxes and government out of control, more than ever we need somebody to stand up for us. Let�s urge Judge Roy Moore to be our next Governor.  Info and sign petition at:  For Moore informationJudge Roy Moore


reappoint judge roy moore


A group of Alabamians is heading to New Mexico to patrol the border as part of the controversial Minuteman Project. The Alabama Minuteman Support Team, or AMiST, plans on fielding a force of 125 volunteers at the border with Mexico for a month-long vigil in October. Mike Vanderboegh, group spokesman, said 30 volunteers have already signed up.

Alabama Minutemen �  

California �

reappoint judge roy moore

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B.  Information on the Ten Commandments.

The Ten Commandments

C.  Check here to see if your Alabama Legislator has signed a pledge to support the pro-life "Alabama Unborn Victim of Violence Act"







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