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The Illegal Invasion Continues

Liberal Republicans in the White House are encouraging President Bush to make unwise decisions on immigration and other issues. Recent polls show Bush's popularity at 30% with a majority of people now indicating they will vote for a Democrat Congress. We must encourage our congressmen to stand for what is right and do the right thing or see the alternative of the possibly finding out what a liberal Democrat Congress would do.

What is the difference between a foreign nation conquering the United States and the illegal alien invasion we are seeing now?

Answer, the end results are the same. A foreign invasion would be quicker than the current invasion and the current invasion does not involve bloodshed. Move the clock forward a few years and visualize millions of aliens, add their high birth rate, and they will soon become a majority in most states. If President Bush doesn't do a better job and overcome his low popularity rating of 30%, we could be facing a liberal Democrat President and Congress next time. They are likely to give the aliens drivers licenses and the right to vote. From that point forward, we will forever have a liberal Democrat Congress and White House. The liberal Democrats will confiscate your wealth, tax you to pay welfare, free medical, and Social Security for the aliens. They will make many laws to favor them and will discriminate against us.

Marchers Say Gringos, Not Illegals, Must Go

The immigration issue is not just heating up - it's boiling over. The Southwestern United States is literally at stake. A slow migration - legal and illegal - is the weapon. And, It's not happenstance. It's being carefully planned.

Congressman Tancredo Wins Round 1 to Build Mexico Fence

Rep. Tancredo's long fight to save America from third world country immigration is gaining ground, but he still needs strong support to block amnesty and guest worker programs. The House has passed a bill to build a Mexico fence. Encourage your Senator to support this bill.

Wins Round 1 to Build Mexico Fence

No Amnesty, No Deal,Mr. President - Advice from Pat Buchanan

Ariz. Gov.: Place Troops on Mexico Border

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she is prepared to use state money to send National Guard troops to the Arizona-Mexico border to crack down on illegal immigration if the Pentagon declines to pick up the bill.

New World Order.

Liberal Republicans are pushing for a New World Order. This explains why the irrational behavior of the port deal or an immigration policy that does not make sense.

The god of the NEW WORLD ORDER is a film which documents the modern day existence of a cult of evil dating back to ancient Egypt. See and hear for yourself as our political and religious leaders engage in occult activity, condone sodomy and endorse false religions. Learn what the Bible has to say about the New World Order and the conspiracy to cause the world to worship the Devil.

For an interesting parallel passages in the Bible concerning our current situation, read Ezekiel 38 and Deuteronomy 28.

Your Governor and Attorney can be a line of defense to enforce existing laws and discourage the invasion of illegal immigration of our state. The classic example is the Governor of our state who is doing nothing. Our state is being overrun with illegals, while our Governor is ignoring the problem. Encourage them to do the right thing and as chief executive use their power to enforce the laws.

Call your Congressman now. You have read in the newspaper about the comprise of liberal pro choice Senators like McCain and Kennedy. Your Senator and Congressman need to hear from you today. ACTION REQUIRED. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS NOW AND TEL THEM NO AMNESTY. 202-224-3121 is Capital Switchboard, operator can connect to any Senator or Congressman. Tell your Congressman to stand up against the liberal influence in the White House. Lets make the Republican Party stand for conservative principles once again and save our nation. Special focus of your phone calls needs to put on Senator Frist 202-224-3344 and so called conservative Senator Sam Brownback (202) 224-6521. Both are Presidential candidates and both are liberals on the alien invasion.

Please forward before those illegal demonstrators in the streets take over our nation.

    reappoint judge roy moore