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Abortion, Martin Luther King, and Planned Parenthood

" . . .we know an idol is nothing in the world " - I Cor. 8:4b


In 1966, Planned Parenthood® Federation of America inaugurated the PPFA Margaret Sanger Award to honor the woman who founded America's family planning movement. The PPFA Margaret Sanger Award is given annually to individuals of distinction in recognition of excellence and leadership in furthering reproductive health and reproductive rights.

In its first year, the award was bestowed upon four men:

a.. Dr. Carl G. Hartman, for "his singular contribution to human knowledge of the reproductive processes."

b.. General William H. Draper Jr., for "his singular contribution during the past decade to the mobilization of public awareness and government action to resolve the world population crisis."

c.. President Lyndon Baines Johnson, for "his vigorous and farsighted leadership in bringing the United States government to enunciate and implement an affirmative, effective population policy at home and abroad."

d.. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., for "his courageous resistance to bigotry and his lifelong dedication to the advancement of social justice and human dignity."


Martin Luther King


Dr. King's award was presented on May 5, 1966. The citation read:

This award is presented to the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., for his courageous resistance to bigotry and his lifelong dedication to the advancement of social justice and human dignity.

Facing jail, abuse and physical danger, Dr. King's unceasing efforts - in behalf of all Americans - to win freedom for the Negro people parallel closely Mrs. Sanger's fight over the last half-century for the emancipation of women from the burdens of perpetual child-bearing and the emancipation of children from a future of poverty and hopelessness. Neither Mrs. Sanger nor Dr. King has hesitated to challenge unjust laws, cruel social customs and blind prejudice that hold people in ignorance and degradation. Our courts, our legislatures and - most of all - the human heart and mind have been the crucible in which they have forged a nobler history for all mankind.

In the tradition of all great humanitarians who have seen that human life and progress are indeed indivisible, Dr. King has lent his eloquent voice to the cause of world-wide voluntary family planning.

For Martin Luther King's unique qualities of understanding, compassion and bravery, and for his wise and unwavering leadership in securing for all people their basic human right to knowledge, dignity and opportunity that are the fount and principle of Margaret Sanger's life, this award is presented.


Martin Luther King Minister


Martin Luther King and Abortion Rights

Mrs. Coretta Scott King delivered her husband's acceptance speech on his behalf.

Before reading Dr. King's speech, Mrs. King declared, "I am proud tonight to say a word in behalf of your mentor, and the person who symbolizes the ideas of this organization, Margaret Sanger. Because of her dedication, her deep convictions, and for her suffering for what she believed in, I would like to say that I am proud to be a woman tonight."

Ralph Abernathy: "Martin and I were away more often than we were at home; and while this was no excuse for extramarital relations, it was a reason. Some men are better able to bear such deprivations than others, though all of us in SCLC headquarters had our weak moments. We all understood and believed in the biblical prohibition against sex outside of marriage. It was just that he had a particularly difficult time with that temptation. Source: "And the Walls Came Tumbling Down"

According to his close associate Abernathy, King had three girls in succession the very night before he was killed (155). At least one was a white girl, and as King felt orgasm approaching he shouted "I'm not a Negro tonight!" (163)

Why did Abernathy spill the beans? Some have suggested jealousy . The FBI had tapes, not just of King's trysts, but of full-scale orgies in his hotel rooms. It appears that King and Abernathy sodomized each other.

Planned Parenthood is proud to reprint Dr. King's acceptance speech. Click here for complete copy.

reappoint judge roy moore


Every year at this time, I have to -- as a Christian who has spent the last 15 years of my life working at some level for the pro-life cause -- fight the urge to : throw up, burn newsletters and hurl my laptop across the room.

What is the source of my irrationality ?

The anniversary of one of the most heinous, anti-Christ events in the history of America (Roe v Wade) falls within a few days of the only "national" public holiday that honors a single individual. Namely, the "Reverend", "Doctor", "Martin Luther" (Michael) King, "Jr." holiday.

But my infuriation is not related to the "quotes" above --

It's not because he was a "Reverend" that denied the indecency of Scripture and other basic tenants of the Christian faith. Or that he was a "Minister" who -- according to his closest friend and ally Rev Ralph Abernathy -- was a notorious whoremonger and woman beater that used funds collected at churches to hire prostitutes.

Or because he was not truly a "Doctor" -- he plagiarized well over half of his Doctoral thesis .

Or because his name was never legally "Martin", "Luther", or "Jr." Or even because he was an open Communist that "Conservatives" rush to claim as one of their of their own. ( See here, here, & here if you think the above claims outlandish)

The reason for my annual Tums eating marathon in January is the barrage of newsletters, e-mails, articles, speeches and the like by well-meaning, pro-life Christians lauding the virtues of Michael King and saying things like "if Dr King was alive today, he'd be fighting for the pro-life cause." Below is something that I hope will help disprove that myth, and be a small step towards tearing down this deceitful American idol. In 1966 Planned Parenthood gave King one of its first four Margaret Sanger awards. Coretta Scott King ( I assume that's her real name), his wife read a speech that he had written in favor of "Family Planning", "Population Control" and lauding the world's largest mass murderer & agent of black genocide ( Planned Parenthood), along with it's Hitlerian, god-hating whore founder, Margaret Sanger. The entire text of this speech is below. Any pro-lifer who has read George Grant's Grand Illusions or other exposes of Planned Parenthood knows that Sanger was an open eugenicist who consorted with German Nazi's & advocated a creeping genocide of races she felt to be inferior through promotion of birth control, abortion, and "family planning" by blacks & other races while promoting breeding by superiors.

** "The Masses of Negroes... particularly from the south, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit."- Margaret Sanger- The Negro Project[iii]. We can see how successful the Sangerian/ Planned Parenthood agenda has been by quickly perusing the addresses of abortion mills ( almost all in minority neighborhoods), and comparing the statistics of percentage of the population versus percentage of abortions for various races we can see how successful this genocidal could be ( save for the fact that white Christian evangelicals generally outdo their counterparts in other races/ religions in disdaining God's blessing of children & seek to limit their offspring to two or less).

What is also fairly well known among pro-lifers who know about what a wicked institution Planned Murderhood is, is the fact that Sanger callously planned on using black ministers ( willingly or by deceit) to trick their flocks into going along with PP's agenda :"The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through Religious appeal. We do not want word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."- Margaret Sanger[iv]

But, from his own words we see that King was not one of these useful, but deceived, ministers in spreading the PP agenda of murder and genocide but rather a vocal advocate.

The speech -- by written by Christian minister & alleged pro-lifer, "Martin Luther" King -includes outrageous, wicked statements like : " There is a striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger's early efforts. She, like we, saw the horrifying conditions of ghetto life. Like we, she knew that all of society is poisoned by cancerous slums. Like we, she was a direct actionist - a nonviolent resister. She was willing to accept scorn and abuse until the truth she saw was revealed to the millions. At the turn of the century she went into the slums and set up a birth control clinic, and for this deed she went to jail because she was violating an unjust law. Yet the years have justified her actions. She launched a movement which is obeying a higher law to preserve human life under humane conditions. Margaret Sanger had to commit what was then called a crime in order to enrich humanity, and today we honor her courage and vision; for without them there would have been no beginning. Our sure beginning in the struggle for equality by nonviolent direct action may not have been so resolute without the tradition established by Margaret Sanger and people like her. Negroes have no mere academic nor ordinary interest in family planning. They have a special and urgent concern. . . . The Negro constitutes half the poor of the nation. Like all poor, Negro and white, they have many unwanted children. This is a cruel evil they urgently need to control. There is scarcely anything more tragic in human life than a child who is not wanted. That which should be a blessing becomes a curse for parent and child. There is nothing inherent in the Negro mentality which creates this condition. Their poverty causes it. The Negro constitutes half the poor of the nation. Like all poor, Negro and white, they have many unwanted children. This is a cruel evil they urgently need to control. There is scarcely anything more tragic in human life than a child who is not wanted. That which should be a blessing becomes a curse for parent and child. There is nothing inherent in the Negro mentality which creates this condition. Their poverty causes it. " -- MLK to PP 1966

How could any Christian, even one who was thoroughly uninformed make such a statement ?

If you want to see, take a sampling of the replies I get to this message attacking me & the number of pro-lifers who know FACTS such as this, but still use "the dream of Dr King" and other such statements.

Let the Rock throwing begin.

Leslie Riley
Mississippi Constitution Party

Sermons and writings of the real Martin Luther at: Martin Luther

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