Should Christians support Mike Huckabee

Charming and clean cut, with heart-warming stories, a seminary education, and the endorsement of Chuck Norris; Mike Huckabee is in the position to win over countless Christians to his campaign.

Unfortunately, Mr. Huckabee has a long list of troubling facts about him that run contrary to the values of Christian voters. Not only is his integrity questionable, but his political platforms and moves he has made while in office make him look more like a liberal Democrat than a conservative Republican.

Huckabee On Ethics:

Mr. Huckabee is unfortunately in the practice of lying to cover up the ethical trouble he has been in while in office.

Huckabee Defended Ethics Commission's 14 Complaints, Five Resulted in Violations. The Ethics Commission addressed 14 complaints against Mike Huckabee during his political career. Five resulted in findings that he violated ethics guidelines. [Associated Press, 11/23/06]

Huckabee Depletes Emergency Fund, Destructs Government Property as He Leaves Office. "Former Gov. Mike Huckabee depleted the governor's office emergency fund in the final weeks of his administration in part to pay for the destruction of computer hard drives in his office. That left Gov. Mike Beebe, who replaced Huckabee on Jan. 9, with no emergency funds for the last half of fiscal 2007. Documents that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, describe the destruction of the computer drives, as ordered by Huckabee's office, and Huckabee complaining strongly about his cell phone and Blackberry not working" [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 1/19/07]

Huckabee Defended Parole of Convicted Rapist Who Later Committed Murder. Governor Mike Huckabee found himself defending the "parole, during Huckabee's governorship, of convicted rapist Wayne Dumond, who later committed a murder in Missouri. Mike Huckabee said he regretted Dumond's actions but denied playing a proactive role in the release decision by Arkansas' parole board, and claimed that most of the board's members had been appointed by his predecessors." [New York Times, 1/29/07]

There are many articles detailing the misdeeds of Governor Huckabee.

Huckabee says that since Jesus did not complain about his death penalty, the death penalty is justified (terrible argument).

Huckabee jokes about suicide.

Huckabee released a rapist who then killed a woman.

Huckabee wanted to isolate those with AIDS and homosexuals from the rest of the population.,2933,316228,00.html

Huckabee working with former Clinton aide guilty of sex scandal.

Immigration group: Huckabee a 'disaster':

Huckabee dodges questions by telling jokes and stories.

Pro-life, pro-gun, but otherwise a liberal.

Articles from Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Mike Huckabee:

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"Pro-Life" Candidates Should Put Up Or Shut Up

Mr. Huckabee raises taxes while in office and has been caught lying about why he does so.

Huckabee On Taxes:

Huckabee is a big government Republican, who wants higher taxes and more regulations.

Huckabee consistently raises taxes when in office.

And has been caught lying about why he does so.

Here is some info on his fiscal record.

Huckabee Defended Tax Hikes. Governor Huckabee had to rebut criticisms from "fiscally responsible" Republican groups such as the Cato Institute and the Club for Growth, that during his tenure as Governor he raised taxes. On the defensive, Huckabee acknowledged that any tax increases were for important public purposes, and that he cut other taxes. [New York Times, 1/29/07]

Huckabee's statism/progressivism.,0,7086270.column?coll=la-home-commentary

Sometimes the truth hurts, but it needs to be told and not hidden from us. All things considered, Mike Huckabee is not the best candidate for Christians and conservatives to endorse, contrary to what our first impressions of him may tell us.

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