Mike Huckabee Liberal on Immigration and Taxes

Pat Buchanan supports Ron Paul not Huckabee As Pat Buchanan says in his own words, Ron Paul is the candidate most like me and takes positions like mine. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has stood up in Congress to the expansion of more government intrusion in our lives.

Subject: VIDEO-Mike Huckabee is BOUGHT and PAID for! Documentation of Huckbabee receiving hundreds of gifts and being influenced by them. From TV news clips and newspaper articles.

Mike Huckabee is the FAKE CONSERVATIVE choice! More documentation of Huckabee's support of illegal immigration and is record of raising taxes, documented by CNN. Huckabee opposed legislation to ban illegal immigrants from receiving state benefits, opposed to documenting illegals proving citizenship to vote, and was opposed to the ban on illegals receiving state college aid. Hucabee's record of major tax increases to support public schools. Huckabee deserves the title of the "Public Education Governor".

Mike Huckabee record of welcoming our borders to more illegals. Huckabee record of serial tax increases to support government schools. Documentation from news clips from CNN and Fox News, hear Huckabee document is liberalism in his own words.

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