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For Immediate Release: Together for Life-Jan 21
1/13/2005 12:51:58 PM

Dear Friends for Life,


I regret to inform you that Senator Zell Miller has cancelled his speaking engagement at Together for Life on January 21st.  President Bush has asked him to take some responsibilities for the inauguration week-end which coincides with our event.  I understand complete.  I, too, would respond if the President called me!


We have a faithful crowd of 5,000 who come regardless of rain or snow - and I don't believe a change in speakers will affect the attendance.  I hope you can come and bring a carload or busload.  I guarantee you'll be blessed!


Schedule for Friday, January 21st

Steps of the Capitol in Atlanta


11:30 Praise Music

12:00-1:00 Speakers

            New Archbishop Wilton Gregory

            Pastor Joe Morecraft

            Senator Nancy Schaefer

            Rep. James Mills

1:00 One-mile silent walk starting and ending at the Capitol


Come and stand for life.


Together for Life,
Caryl F. Swift

For additional information:

    reappoint judge roy moore

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