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Will Southern Baptists protect children from pro-homosexual U.S. schools?

Will Southern Baptists protect children from pro-homosexual U.S. schools?
by Linda Harvey (*)
from _WorldNetDaily.com_, May 27, 2005

At about the same time John F. Kennedy was winning the presidency, I was learning my first Bible verses at a picturesque church in north Florida. I'm not a Baptist now, but I credit that early education with giving me a foundation that years exploring other paths couldn't eradicate. Eventually, I reclaimed my Christian roots and, in doing so, opened my eyes to the world as it really is. What a revelation.

So it's ironic that in a few weeks the Southern Baptist Convention -- of which my original church home in Florida is a member -- will be convening for its annual meeting. And, if all goes as I and others pray it does, that powerful body of believers will vote on a measure to sound an alarm to every member church about the out-of-control promotion of homosexuality to our children and grandchildren in America's public schools.

Much of the SBC church membership may be unaware of the radical nature of what our children are learning. Not only are they being told in K through 12 classrooms that homosexuality is an acceptable and even defensible behavior, but this behavior is being described in the most graphic terms imaginable in novels masquerading as literature, or in so-called "health" education.

Our little children are reading picture books about homosexuals as heads of families. They are being told early on that opposing this is "hate." The current educational philosophy is quite solidly on the side of escalating such messages. Despite the "church-state separation" card that is played to block -- or mock -- traditional Christian teaching, many schools boldly offer students "progressive" Christian viewpoints on sexuality that validate "whatever" morality.

Is this deception a danger to not only the physical well-being of youth, but their commitment to Christ? You bet it is. Many students never recover the faith they claimed as a child, once exposed to endless twisted messages about how "hateful" their parents' beliefs are, and how undiscerning tolerance is the hallmark of any "real" Christian. Party on down -- and let others do the same! Who needs a savior? That's the takeaway for most students from today's public school.

The SBC and every other church in this country should be up in arms about the threat to their present and future congregations, which will dwindle -- probably quite suddenly -- at the moment this poisonous drip fully penetrates the current school generation. Amazingly, the drumbeat of this message pulses through school after school, day after day in the United States, while Americans continue life as usual.

Well, this is not usual. This is the first time in the history of the world that so many people have in such a short time been persuaded to abandon common sense in favor of such a monumental, societally destructive lie. One wonders: Where are the Christians, the churches?

Yes, many believers do see what's happening to our children. Some have already removed their children from the government schools. Some have stuck it out and attempted to change the system. Too often, they are stopped by the vast chasm of education bureaucracy that swallows parental concerns. They need support, ideally from their local congregation of fellow believers.

The resolution that has been submitted for the upcoming annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in June, has a simple yet powerful solution. Sometimes, Christians forget how much power they do have. The problem can be eliminated in a matter of a few weeks, actually. All it takes is for the mighty Baptist group to act, with a single compelling directive: In those schools where homosexuality is promoted, _remove your children_.

Schools with empty classrooms might reconsider such foolish teaching. And children would not be thus corrupted.

As an example of what we're talking about, on June 23 in Columbus, Ohio, the national Parent Teacher Association will meet, with numerous workshops on a wide variety of subjects. One presentation, "Making Schools Safe for All Students," is scheduled for Saturday, June 25, as part of the group's anti-bullying focus. Sounds noble ... until one learns the presenters are from the school "gay" activist group PFLAG, the Parent, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. They'll be training teachers and parents to counteract bullying by forcing acceptance of homosexuality as well as cross-dressing. This makes the schools more "safe" for those practicing the behavior.

You see, they explain, since "GLBT" youth are more at risk of suicide because they are bullied, then it only makes sense to affirm the behavior. Never mind that logic has gone out the window here. Many people attempt suicide, sadly, because of despondence over lives wrecked by bad choices.

There are positive options students could be offered, but affirming homosexuality -- dangerous and high risk in itself -- is not one of them. Why don't well-educated educators know this? Traditional values become the "bad guy," and by capitalizing on parental and student fears, another activist group gets a firm toehold in the schools.

To make matters worse, the PTA turned down the request of a group of former homosexuals, PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays), to exhibit at the conference. Students are not to hear the "dangerous" message that people can leave or avoid homosexuality.

It's gone way past the risk presented by the more than 3,000 homosexual clubs now operating in high schools and a few middle schools (protected by a legal bully called the American Civil Liberties Union). It's to the point that courtroom time is absorbed telling school districts what they should know already -- that it's dumb to endorse this behavior.

A U.S. district court told the Montgomery County Schools in Maryland to hold off on a sex-ed program where 10th graders were to view a graphic video of a woman putting a condom on a cucumber. Students were also going to be led to believe homosexuality is a biological trait. Since there's no proof of this, many parents objected and eventually the school's bad judgment landed them in court. The students were also to be told that religions opposing homosexuality are "homophobic." See

Here in Columbus, Ohio -- not exactly the Bay Area -- we encountered several years ago a "multiculturalism" unit being taught in our local high school where students were given book recommendations about homosexuality -- all in favor of it. One purported autobiography described two 14-year-old boys having graphic homosexual sex. The school did not immediately remove the book, nor change the lesson, until concerned parents spread the word throughout the community. Only after much public pressure did the school relent -- and then only to place the book in the school library.

In another instance, the same school published a 10-page insert in the student magazine called "Growing up Gay." Among the stories were: the detailed biography of a current student, including alleged abuse by his father; an inaccurate analysis of the ex-"gay" movement that presented only dismissive comments by prominent homosexual activists; glowing coverage of same-sex commitment ceremonies performed by a local church; and phone numbers for homosexual hotlines and local "gay" youth groups.

Maybe these are isolated instances, one might respond. If only that were true. In 10 years of researching and following the trend, I've amassed material that could fill several books with such events and only skim the surface. These are daily occurrences in schools throughout this country. I recently wrote an article compiling a list of "tolerance" and "diversity" materials used in schools where homosexuality is included. The list is extensive and yet incomplete -- it only includes those materials we know about.

Some parents think, "Well, my children learn solid moral values at home, and aren't likely to be endangered by this teaching." Yet Christian children are much more likely to discredit the authority of Scripture, traditional moral teaching and the Christian faith itself after a childhood of exposure to these deceptive messages.

It is important to put your kids in Christian schools, Christian Schools and teach them the story of Moses. Story of Moses

Hopefully, the SBC resolutions committee will seriously consider the vast evidence about this takeover of common sense in our taxpayer-funded schools. I owe the Southern Baptists an enormous debt I can never repay, but I along with many others ask for one more huge favor - not for ourselves, but for the next generation and the next _congregation_.

Please use the tremendous influence you have, SBC, regardless of the heat you will take, and do the right thing to protect children from the evil in local public schools.

(*) Linda Harvey is president of Mission America
October 25, 2005
a pro-family organization which monitors homosexual activism in youth culture.

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