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    reappoint judge roy moore

Pro Life News, January, 2006

reappoint judge roy moore

Abortion and Martin Luther King

You will probably be surprised to read the statements on Abortion by the highly esteemed and famous American, Martin Luther King. Because of his views on Abortion, he was honored by receiving the Margret Sanger Award from Planned Parenthood.

It has been said that if only Martin Luther King were alive today, he would be standing for the unborn. If you read the this well documented article, you will see quotations and will be able to discuss this subject with authority. You may be surprised at the facts on this short documentary on Abortion, Martin Luther King, and Planned Parenthood.

Click here to read the entire article.

reappoint judge roy moore

I Have A Dream

I have a dream, where precious little babies are held up in the highest esteem. Where they are not denied their very lives because of age or place of residence. Where the baby inside the womb has the same rights as those babies outside the womb.

I have a dream, where once again, the womb will be the safest haven on earth; a warm and nurturing refuge. Where the intra-uterine child can freely enjoy her playground; kicking, jumping, blinking, sticking out her tongue: all the things her brothers and sisters are doing on the outside.

I have a dream, where churches will act like churches. Where they will jettison themselves from their comfort zones of tax-exempt status and public respectability. Where church people will boldly act like abortion is murder. Where shepherds will care less about what will happen to the collection plates and more about what happens to the souls of their flocks.

I have a dream where the laws of this country will do that which they were meant to do: protect the rights of the weak and vulnerable. Where there are laws which buttress life, rather than help destroy it; laws that punish the criminal and extricate the innocent.

I have a dream, where politicians vote according to what is morally just and not what will garner them the most votes in the next election. Where elected public officials seek to promote that which is good for society and not that which is good for their careers.

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reappoint judge roy moore

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reappoint judge roy moore

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    reappoint judge roy moore