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Pro-Life Rallies

January 22 is the anniversary of the day that federal activist judges declared that unborn babies are expendable and may be terminated for convenience. There will be Rallies at the capitols of every State Capitol and the information for Georgia and Alabama is listed below. In Georgia the Rally will be on Friday, the 21st not the 22nd.

We encourage everybody possible to attend the Rally in your State. I hope to see many of you in Atlanta on the 21st.

We have information now available for the following States:

Alabama - January 22

Georgia - January 21

More coming so check back.


    reappoint judge roy moore

Be a Pro Life Witness to your community, Pro Life Signs

Send your community a powerful message with pro-life yard signs. One well placed yard sign can witness to hundreds of people per hour, or thousands per day.

Low Cost. We are mass producing these yard signs, and they may be obtained for as low as $2 each.

Use for Pro-Life Demonstrations or Marches, for picketing clinics, or for placing in high visible places for your community. These yard signs feature slogans, such as, "Abortion Kills Children", or "Make Abortion Illegal".

To see these signs and info on how to obtain them, please visit

    reappoint judge roy moore