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Alabama Constitution Amendments

Alabama Defenders Endorsements for November 8, 2016

US Senate - Richard Shelby
Congress 5th District - Mo Brooks
Congress 6th District - Gary Palmer
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Place no. 3 - Tom Parker

District Attorney for Marion and Winston Counties (25th Judicial Circuit) - Scott A. Slatton

Madison County Commission District 1 - Tim McNeese
Madison County Board of Education District 6 - Shere Rucker

Jefferson County Circuit Court, Place 11 - Pat Thetford
Jefferson County District Judge, Place 10 - Teresa Hester
Jefferson County, District Judge, Place 4 - Riggs Walker

Conservative recommendations for the Constitutional Amendments:

Amendment 1 - No

Amendment 2 - No

Amendment 3 - No

Amendment 4 - No

Amendment 5 - No

Amendment 6 - No - Makes it harder for corrupt politicians like Gov. Bentley to be impeached.

Amendment 7 - Yes

Amendment 8 - Yes - Makes Right to Work part of the Constitution in addition to being a statute.

Amendment 9 - No

Amendment 10 - No

Amendment 11 - No - gives cities huge eminent domain power to benefit business and destroys property rights.

Amendment 12 - No

Amendment 13 - Yes

Amendment 14 - Yes

Madison County Local Amendment 1 - Yes

Conservative Recommendations Alabama Constitutional Amendments - November 2014


Amendment 1 - VOTE YES
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit the State of Alabama from giving full faith and credit to public acts, records, or judicial proceedings of another state that violate the public policy of the State of Alabama and to prohibit the application of foreign law in violation of rights guaranteed natural citizens by the United States and Alabama Constitutions, and the statutes, laws, and public policy thereof, but without application to business entities. (Proposed by Act 2013-269)
A YES vote is recommended to prohibit judges from ruling on the bases of foreign law, a recent disturbing trend.

Amendment 2 - VOTE NO
This amendment would raid the Rainy Day Fund, therefore increasing the pressure for more Taxes. Vote NO
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, relating to the Capital Improvement Trust Fund, to increase the amount of the General Obligation Bonds authorized herein; to provide for additional payments from the Alabama Trust Fund to fund any bond issued; to provide for competitive bidding of the bonds; and to provide for the distribution of the proceeds for plans, construction, and maintenance of Alabama National Guard armories. (Proposed by Act 2013-266)

Amendment 3 - VOTE YES
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution would make owning firearms a fundamental right, and measures to control weapons would have to pass the toughest review by state courts. Gives every citizen has a fundamental right to bear arms and that any restriction on this right would be subject to strict scrutiny; and to provide that no international treaty or law shall prohibit, limit, or otherwise interfere with a citizen's fundamental right to bear arms.
Recommend YES vote to guarantee our 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

Amendment 4 - VOTE NO - Stop Tax Increases
This Amendment gives local school boards taxing authority. We pay too many school taxes as it is. Vote NO to more school taxes.
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to prohibit a general law, whose purpose or effect is to require a new or increased expenditure of at least $50,000 of local funds annually, from becoming effective with regard to a city or county board of education without enactment by a 2/3 vote. (Proposed by Act 2014-185)
VOTE NO. While the language sounds good at first, this gives new authority for local board of educations to levy taxes. We are already paying to many education taxes. Tax increase approval is by local board of education, and local legislative delegation. Alabama Tea Party Express and Conservative groups recommend a NO vote.

Amendment 5 - VOTE YES
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to amend Amendment 597, now appearing as Section 36.02 of the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, to clarify that the people have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife subject to reasonable regulations that promote conservation and management of fish and wildlife and preserve the future of hunting and fishing. (Proposed by Act 2014-286)
Vote YES. This amendment is in reaction to a liberal judge sentencing a man to jail for over a year, as he did not have a fishing license.

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No to Obama Care
At least 20 GOP Governors have announced that they will not move forward in implementing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
We, the undersigned grassroots leaders of Tea Party/Concerned Citizen Groups throughout Alabama, request that Governor Bentley also protect citizens of Alabama against the massive tax increases inherent in this legislation by announcing that he will NOT implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Alabama and that he requests that current spending and/or further spending will not take place until legally required so that if repealed, the State will have not have wasted funds. We ask that Governor Bentley join the other GOP Governors in exhibiting courage to stand up to the Federal Government's massive intrusion into the lives of the citizens of the State of Alabama.
Zan Green - Deanna Frankowski - Alabama Legislative Watchdog Group

Alabama Constitution 2nd Amendment Laws Need clarification

Huntsville, Alabama - Two young intruders broke down a door to get into the home of Reginald Acuff, a Huntsville developer, just before midnight on Dec. 8. They had at least one rifle. Mr. Acuff was able to get to his gun, exchanged shots with one of the intruders and shot the other one as he was being attacked. One of the intruders fled; the other one lay dead on the kitchen floor. Mr. Acuff, although in a state of shock, was not hurt. In times past, this would have been considered an open-and-shut case -- a burglar killed in the act of trying to steal from a law-abiding citizen. Not today.

In todays times, Mr. Acuff is a suspect who must be investigated to determine if he had the right to protect himself and his property from intruders. And, Alabama law is, to some extent, on the side of the intruders. Alabama law say, If these intruders had only intended to steal something from Mr. Acuff, and did not threaten him with bodily harm, Mr. Acuff would now be charged with homicide.

In other words, a home owner must think twice before shooting someone who has broken into his home. He must first decide if he is in mortal danger. And, while he is deciding, he just might be killed himself. In todays society we seem to attach more importance to the rights of criminals than we do to those of law-abiding citizens.
Rather than emphasizing the potential danger for Mr. Acuff from two armed hoodlums, the report in The liberal Huntsville Times spent most of its article space on whether Mr. Acuff had the right to defend his property and himself.
Read More at: Suppressed News - Alabama Gun Laws

Read about Proposed new 2nd Amendment Laws for Alabama Pro Gun Rights for Alabama

Alabama Republican Assembly

Alabama Gun Shows Schedule - Bible and Gun Control

The 10th Amendment
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

A trend is slowly building. States are deciding to slough off federal control. Political forces that abhor nullification make a bogus historical argument: states rights were once used to prolong slavery and then, later, segregation. Yes, but this is now. No state intends to bring back segregation.

The nullification movement is now about decentralization of power. In various states, it grows along different issues and moves along different fault lines.
Further, we should not assume these ballot measures are simply weak expressions of opinion that will be crushed by the federal government.

What will the feds do in Montana, Wyoming, and Montana when they decide it's time to enforce Obamacare on these rebels? Will they stage a massive show of force? That would play, in the international press, about as well as Ruby Ridge or Waco.
Will they fine a few select citizens of those states for failing to enroll in Obamacare? If so, and the citizens refuse to pay up, what then? How will an escalation be managed, and with what consequences? Does Obama really want a showdown that could awaken a sleeping giant he successfully put to bed?

Stop Obamacare in Alabama Now!!

Governor Bentley - has officially said that Alabama will not be a player in participating in the Obama Federal Health Exchange Program. He is to praised for that. The Alabama Legislature needs to back him up on this.

We Dare Defend Our Rights - And our Sovereign State - Oath to Defend - Please Obey the Constitution - Government Officials, Military Officers, Sheriffs
Alabama Constitution Amendments
>Alabama Constitution Amendment Election November 2014

Should Alabama comply with the Obama Federal Common Core Education Agenda?

Alabama Common Core Education Standards

> The latest news on Illegal Immigration

Immigration News

Alabama Unemployment drops to 7.1%, proofing that the new Alabama Immigration Law is working. We need to do more
Immigration News Conservative The Hazeleton Rebellion

The Mayor of Hazelton, PA is carrying the fight against illegal aliens and the ACLU to the Supreme Court.
Local jurisdictions across the country, beginning in Hazleton, Pa., have decided they need to act to control crimes committed by illegal aliens in their towns. A variety of laws against illegals as tenants, against illegals as company employees, and in favor of English as the required language, have resulted.
The dimensions of the problem are clear. A recent Justice Department audit (reported in The Washington Times Jan. 9) revealed more than 70 percent of illegal aliens arrested in the U.S. had previously been arrested for five or more crimes. The crime problem is compounded when you add the financial costs of additional medical care, additional education and additional police and prisons, due to illegal aliens.

Bad Immigration Legislation Could Pass Suppressed News Immigration News

Years of dawdling have worsened our border security and made it harder to fix this broken system," said Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who will lead the Judiciary Committee next year. "We should not let partisan politics and intolerance continue to delay and derail effective reform."
Democrats in both chambers say they will start with some form of legislation first drafted by Sens. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and liberal Democrats which was the basis for the bill that was approved earlier this year by the Senate. House Republicans and many outside Congress derided that bill as "amnesty" for allowing illegals to remain in the U.S. and eventually become citizens.

Alabama Forever Wild Program - Unwise use of our money

Alabama Forever Wild
Alabama Forever Wild Amendment - Program

The Alabama Trust Fund, the revenue source for the capped $15 million/year for another 20 years supporting Alabama's Forever Wild, is the same fund targeted for the raid of $145 million per year for three years just days away on September 18. No provisions for any repayment for the 18th or 6Nov ballots. Just the mindsets, unlike us managing our household finances, continue to spend and they'll simply increase fees as needed to provide more revenue to feed the beast. Increasing ta x es is political suicide but fees are fair game (no pun there for you hunters). Further compromising the September 18th and Forever Wild raids is the steady decline of royalties from the gas companies and our uncertain unemployment picture. From a $373.1 million of royalty payments in 2006 we have experienced a steady and rapid decline which is predicted falling to just $71.9 million in 2016. The estimated amount of royalties in 2012 is a mere $72.3 million. An obligation of funding the current hits upon the Alabama Trust Fund AND the possible $145 million for 3 years AND $15 million for 20 years would be a challenge even for Bernie Madoff. Every county in Alabama experienced an increase in unemployment the last four months to a present state average of 8.3% for July. Current financial activities e x tending into our uncertain economic future must not include more debt and unwise use of our limited capital. Yet, Alabama continues to borrow beyond our means including the little known $99 million to cover our unemployment obligations costing us a $1 million in interest, as recently reported by US Today. Governor Bentley used his authority as governor and borrowed between $250 and $300 million against future pledged federal money for road and bridge repair.

Our public servants must LEARN and UNDERSTAND the necessity to live within our means and stop borrowing and spending. Please share this with your friends and family living in the great State of Alabama . Letters to the editor will reach your neighbors and friends. Thank you for visiting Demand of our public servants to realize we no longer live in the economy of 1992 but one with a uncertain economic future. Talk to folks, ask them about Forever Wild, and direct them to our web site If you have a group of neighbors and friends interested in learning the other side of Forever Wild please contact me. Full disclosure, I consider myself to be a borderline environmentalist: I avoid wildlife on the roads, have stopped to help turtles across the pavement, and find the beauty in Mother Nature. My concern is strictly fiscal. Our citizens and governments are in a financial hole, dug not by us but our Legislature

Conservative Groups Vote No to the Alabama Forever Wild

With all of the major conservative groups lining up and uniting against this Constitutional Amendment, it is clear that this is a conservative cause.
These Conservative Groups Say VOTE NO to Forever Wild:

Prohibition Party of Alabama
Alabama Clergy Council
Conservative Congress
Alabama Defenders of the Constitution

Citizens Against Drunk Driving of Alabama

Alabama Tea Party Groups Oppose The Forever Wild Amendment

The below Alabama Tea Parties across the state wish to send a message to all of Alabama. We have had enough - VOTE NO ON Amendment 1.

Alabama Tea Party and Conservative Groups

The Alabama Tea Party Patriots Over 3000 strong in Alabama,

LIBERAL VS. CONSERVATIVE - Liberal groups are aggressively pushing a YES VOTE to Ala Forever Wild

Who are these liberal groups pushing a Yes vote for Amendment 1 - Forever Wild ?
See the list of liberal Groups like the Birmingham News, Huntsville Times, Environmental Liberals etc.

Good comments and analysis on Ala Constitutional Amendments for November 6. Alabama Defenders offers a free monthly eNewsletter. To signup - just enter your email address and click the Signup button.


Alabama Election September 18, 2012 - The Constitutional Medicaid Amendment

Alabama Constitutional Amendment election September 18, 2012
Since the bulk of revenues in Ala go towards education, any serious reform or budget cuts would clearly hit the education and the scared cows of the AEA. We need to be serious about reforming the Ala Budget, living within our means, and to kick the can down the road is irresponsible.

Defend Our Constitution - Oath

With our Federal Government growing in power and out of control, it is important that our people in law enforcement and other public servants take an oath to the supreme law of our land the Constitution. It is a serious matter to defend our Constitution and take an oath to uphold it. Constitution Oath

The Obama Administration - Violations of our US Constitution

Legal Obligations and Potential Fines for Non-compliance
I think this will help everyone who is fielding questions on how to answer the census. It contains the pertinent excerpts from the US Code and Census Bureau statements.

Civil Disobedience and the Census
If the American people are going make a stand and go toe to toe with the federal government, then they need a basic understanding of some constitutional principles because these principles are universal and pertain to every power exercised by the federal government. Click Here


Psalm 33:12; Proverb 14:34; Psalm 9:17; 2 Kings 24:1-4; Jeremiah 19:3-5; Psalm 106:37-42

Foreign invasion (10-20 Million Illegal Aliens) and War (Iraq) are divine consequences upon a nation, any nation, for the shedding of innocent blood (e.g., 2 Kings 24:1-4)...

George Mason, Virginia delegate to the Constitutional Convention, 1787: They bring the judgment of heaven upon a country. As nations cannot be rewarded or punished in the next world, they must be in this. By an inevitable chain of causes and effects, Providence punishes nation sins, by national calamities."

America lost over several hundred thousand American lives in wars in the 20th Century, as a result of God's divine judgment on the national sin of America.

Just as God is already bringing incrementally greater divine judgment (e.g., 9-11, War in Iraq, ongoing Foreign Invasion by 20-30 Million Illegal Aliens, etc., etc., etc.) upon America for our federal, state, and local government-protected, institutionalized system of child-murder in our approx. 750 abortion centers, and hospitals, and doctors offices, today.

Abortion is a national sin. 9-11 was a national calamity.

More and greater divine judgment is coming upon America for the national sin of child-murder-by-abortion (3,000 slaughtered unborn children PER DAY by surgical abortion alone) unless America repents of the shedding of innocent blood (STARTING with the Christians, for sins of committing abortions, and for sins of omitting to love their unborn neighbors enough to labor diligently to STOP abortions.) If you think that 9-11 is the most severe attack upon America that God will allow/cause, then you do not know history, the Bible, or God Himself, as He is truly revealed in the Word of God (all 66 books of the Bible !). America will not survive as we presently know it . America will be destroyed, if we do not repent, beginning with the Church, of the national sin of child-murder-by-abortion.

Christians, demonstrate your repentance to God by not voting for Pro-Abort John McCain or Pro-Abort Barack Obama on November 4, 2008. And there is a "pro-personhood" pro-life Christian constitutionalists for whom you can vote: Florida Baptist pastor and presidential candidate for the Constitution Party, Dr. Chuck Baldwin.

"If My people [Christians], which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways [sins of commission and omission]; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land [America, or any nation]."

2 Chronicles 7:14

National Remembrance for 3,000 innocent people killed on day of 9-11-2001; but NO National Remembrance for 3,000 innocents killed DAILY in abortion death camps

On 9/11/2008, America remembered the 3,000 innocent people murdered by foreign terrorists in one day - 9/11/2001; but America never memorializes the 3,000 innocents killed DAILY by domestic terrorists in 700+ abortion death camps. (49 Million dead by surgical abortion alone since 1973, and counting...)

Time stops for 9/11 tributes "In moments of silence and with mournful bagpipes, Americans marked the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Here, at Ground Zero in New York and in a Pennsylvania field, tributes were paid to the nearly 3,000 whose deaths launched a war on terror that continues today."

3,000 innocent people were killed on 9-11-001; 3,000 innocents are killed DAILY in America's 700+ abortion death camps - just a "coincidence" ? Or is God perhaps trying to get our attention so we will "Connect The Dots" !!?

What about the War of Terror by abortion domestic terrorists against children in the womb in America !!?

God's 9-11 Message to America - Repent ! Flip Benham, OSA national director, September 10, 2002 press release (i.e., six years ago !) Columbia Christians for Life Press

Southern Gun and Knife Shows Buy a gun and protect yourself.

9 - 11 WILL WE CONNECT THE DOTS Flip Benham, OSA national director, September 4, 2002 Article... (i.e., six years ago !)

Will We Connect Dots

9 - 11 WILL WE CONNECT THE DOTS Baby Malachi after an abortion

He that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy." Proverb 29:1, KJB to read about Eminent Domain, our Legislature failed to take action to protect our property rights.

Alabama Political Patriotic Web sites

* Defenders of the Alabama Constitution Defenders of Constitution

The Constitution Party of Alabama, a conservative organization is leading the charge for electing responsible candidates to public office. For media interviews or more information, Chairman of the Alabama Constitution Party, Have we forgotten the words of the legendary George Wallace, "There is not a dimes difference between the Republicans and Democrats". Michael Horton has some thoughts that are of interest on the subject: Michael Horton and Meredith Kline, The Dr. Michael Horton

Defintion of Conservative Web site for Conservative Christians.

Remember to go vote. Your failure to vote for the bottom of the ticket statewide races and for local races will result in many good men not being elected. If you fail to vote, you deserve to have your taxes raised and to have evil men rule over you. There are many excellent conservative Christian men running for the Alabama Legislature and your failure to vote may result in a solid conservative being defeated in a close race.

Alabama Constitutional Amendments

Alabama votes on constitutional amendments on November. A No vote is recommended to change the Alabama Constitution. Alabama Constitution Amendments

Rick Warren Neo Evangelical

The Leader of the Neo Evangelicals
Rick Warren tries to be pro marriage and accommodating to the pro gay community as well. He carefully chooses his words to compromise his Biblical beliefs. Warren said that disagreeing with gay-rights activists on same-sex marriage does not qualify as hate speech and doesn't mean he is anti-gay. He said Obama chose him to give the invocation at the swearing-in to show that people with different views don't have to demonize each other.
"We're both willing to be criticized in order to try to bring America into a new day of civil discourse and to create a new model that says you don't have to agree only with your side on everything," Warren said in the video posted Monday night by Saddleback Community Church.

Gay-rights advocates were enraged that Obama had given the evangelical clergyman a prominent role at the Jan. 20 inauguration. Obama said he wanted the event to reflect diverse views and insisted he remains a "fierce advocate" of equal rights for gays.

Conservative Pro Life T-Shirts Send a Message

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Conservative T-ShirtsHack off a liberal, wear a conservative t-shirt.
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Arguments Against Abortion
Southern Baptist-Liberal
Keep the Southern Baptist Church from going Liberal.

During the last campaign, Obama and the Democrats (who are more liberal on gay issues than Republicans) reached out to Evangelical voters, and to conservative Catholics, to try to close this division. Having Warren say a prayer at the Inauguration is a small symbolic nod to these left of center religious conservatives.
Rick Warren Purpose Driven Church
Liberal Southern Baptist Convention

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