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   American Pro Gun Rights and Laws

Voter Guide for May 24th, 2022

Tim James

U.S. Senate
Mo Brooks

U.S. Congress
District 5
Paul Sanford

U.S. Congress
District 3
Michael Joiner

State auditor
Andrew Sorrell

Secretary of State
Jim Zeigler

AL Supreme Court place 5
Debra Jones

PSC place 1
Brent Woodall or Stephen McLamb

PSC place 2
Robin Litaker

State Board of Education Place 2
Alex Balkcum

State Board of Education Place 8
Wayne Reynolds

State Senate District 1
John Sutherland

State Senate District 2
Bill Holtzclaw

State Senate District 11
Lance Bell

State Senate District 12
Keith Kelley

State Senate District 13
John Allen Coker

State Senate District 15
Brian Christine or Dan Roberts

State Senate District 22
Stephen Sexton

State Senate District 31
Josh Carnley

House District 1
Maurice McCaney

State House District 2
Ben Harrison

House District 3
Fred Joly

State House District 4
Sheila Bannister

State House District 7
Ernie Yarbrough

House District 13
Matt Woods

State House District 14
Tom Fredericks

House District 15
Leigh Hulsey

State House District 20
Frances Taylor

House District 23
Tommy Hanes

House District 24
Don Stout

House District 25
Buck Clemmons

House District 26
Todd Mitchem

House District 28
Mack Butler

House District 29
Mark Gidley

House District 38
Micah Messer

House District 39
Brent Rhodes

House District 40
Bill Lester

House District 45
Susan DuBose

House District 49
Michael Hart

House District 61
Kimberly Madison

House District 64
Angelo Jacob Fermo

House District 68
Fred James Kelley

House District 87
Eric Johnson

House District 88
Will Dismukes

House District 91
Les Hogan

House District 94
Jennifer Fidler

House District 96
Danielle Duggar

District Attorney Circuit 32
Champ Crocker


Voter Guide for March 3rd, 2020

Amendment 1 - NO

Amendment 1 will take away your right to vote for the state school board. It will also require Alabama to match our education standards to a currently unknown national standard instead of letting Alabama choose what is best for our state.

Conservative Candidate Endorsements for March 3rd, 2020

Donald J. Trump

Judge Roy Moore

Congress District 1
Jerry Carl. Secondary endorsement: Bill Hightower

Congress District 2
Barry Moore

Congress District 5
Mo Brooks

Supreme Court Place 1
Greg Shaw

Civil Appeals Place 2
Matt Fridy

Criminal Appeals Place 1
Mary Windom

Criminal Appeals Place 2
Will Smith

PSC President
Robin Litaker

Madison County Tax Collector
Drew McKay
Madison County Commission District 1
Tim McNeese
Madison County Commission District 3
Craig Hill

Fayette County Endorsements
Revenue Commissioner - Marion Dodson
Commission #2 Shane Hughes
Commission #4 Wesley Jacobs
Commission #5 Jason Nelson
Commission #6 Valerie Branyon
Board of Education #5 Julie Stough

Trump Delegates:

Statewide Place 1
Jim Zeigler

Statewide Place 2
Steven King or Bill Harris

Statewide Place 3
Tom Parker

Statewide Place 4
Will Smith

Statewide Place 5
Steven King

Statewide Place 6
James Henderson

Statewide Place 7
Bob Baccus

Statewide Place 8
Linda Baccus and Arnold Mooney

Statewide Place 9
Dona Barnes

Statewide Place 10
Ben Harrison

Statewide Place 11
Colin Luke, Larry Sims, or Cindy C. Monaghan-Holcomb.

Statewide Place 12
Deanna Frankowski

Statewide Place 13
Chuck Clarke

Statewide Place 14
Vicki Self Bailey

Statewide Place 15
Dottie James Parker

Statewide Place 16
Will Matthews
Pat McCain Wilson

Statewide Place 17
Fred Joly or Sallie Bryant

Statewide Place 18
Adam Bourne

Statewide Place 19
Paul DeMarco
Timothy (Tim) Wadsworth

Statewide Place 20
Hannah Sorrell

Statewide Place 21
Michael Brooks
Vickie Evans Fuller

Statewide Place 22
Elbert Peters

Statewide Place 23
Sue Alexander or Kyle South

Statewide Place 24
Chad Kilgore

Statewide Place 25
Josh Dodd

Statewide Place 26
Joan Reynolds

4th Congressional District Place 3
Andrew Sorrell

5th Congressional District Place 1
Tommy Hanes

5th Congressional District Place 2
Dee Voelkel

5th Congressional District Place 3
Shannon Matthew Moore

Endorsements for July 17th, 2018

Lt. Governor – Will Ainsworth

Alabama Supreme Court Associate Justice Place 4 – Sarah Hicks Stewart

Court of Civil Appeals Place 1 – Michelle Manley Thomason

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2 – Chris McCool

Commissioner of Agriculture – Rick Pate

State Board of Education District 2 – Tracie West

Alabama House

  • District 17 – Tracy Estes
  • District 38 – Todd Rauch
  • District 88 – Will Dismukes
  • District 91 – Lister H. Reeves, Jr.

Endorsements for June 5th, 2018

Governor – Scott Dawson or Bill Hightower

Lt. Governor – Rusty Glover

Attorney General – Chess Bedsole

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice – Tom Parker

Alabama Supreme Court Associate Justice

  • Place 1 – Debra Jones
  • Place 4 – John Bahakel

Court of Civil Appeals

  • Place 1 – Michelle Manley Thomason
  • Place 2 – Terri Willingham Thomas

Court of Criminal Appeals

  • Place 1 – Richard Minor
  • Place 2 – Chris McCool
  • Place 3 – Bill Cole

Secretary of State – John Merrill

Treasurer – John McMillan

Auditor – Jim Zeigler

Commissioner of Agriculture – Rick Pate

Public Service Commission

  • Place 2 – Robin Litaker


  • District 2 – Rich Hobson
  • District 4 – Anthony Blackmon
  • District 5 – Mo Brooks

Alabama House

  • District 3 – Andrew Sorrell
  • District 4 – Tom Fredericks
  • District 5 – Danny Crawford
  • District 6 – Andy Whitt
  • District 9 – Scott Stadhagen
  • District 10 – Charles Orr
  • District 12 – Corey Harbison
  • District 14 – Tim Wadsworth
  • District 16 – Kyle South
  • District 17 – Tracy Estes
  • District 22 – Ritchie Whorton
  • District 23 – Tommy Hanes
  • District 29 – Becky Nordgren
  • District 30 – Rusty Jessup
  • District 31 – Dustin DeVaughn
  • District 39 – TJ Maloney
  • District 42 – Jimmie Hardee
  • District 45 – Ted Crockett
  • District 49 – April Weaver
  • District 73 – Matt Fridy
  • District 87 – Adam E. Parker
  • District 88 – Will Dismukes
  • District 89 – Wes Allen
  • District 91 – Lister H. Reeves, Jr.
  • District 99 – Charles Talbert
  • District 105 – Janet Brown Oglesby

Alabama Senate

  • District 2 – Tom Butler
  • District 4 – Paul Bussman
  • District 7 – Sam Givhan
  • District 8 – Max D. Fuller
  • District 10 – Mack Butler
  • District 12 – Wayne Willis
  • District 13 – Tim Sprayberry
  • District 21 – Gerald Allen
  • District 25 – Will Barfoot
  • District 32 – David Northcutt
  • District 34 – Jack Williams

State Board of Education

  • District 2 – John Taylor
  • District 8 – Wayne Reynolds

Cleburne County

State Republican Executive Committee, Cleburne County Place no. 1 – Tim Sprayberry

Colbert County

Colbert County Republican Executive Committee, Place no. 6 – Andrew Sorrell
Colbert County Republican Executive Committee, Place no. 1, District no. 2 – Dennis Sorrell

DeKalb County

Dekalb County Republican Executive Committee Place no. 4, District no. 1 – Benjamin Windom
Dekalb County Republican Executive Committee Place no. 5, District no. 1 – Rodney Ivey

Special Election for Renewal and Continuation of Levy of the 1 Mill Countywide School Tax - AGAINST proposed taxation
Special Election for Renewal and Continuation of Levy of the 3 Mill Countywide School Tax - AGAINST proposed taxation
Special Election for Renewal and Continuation of Levy of the 7.5 Mill Countywide School Tax - AGAINST proposed taxation
Special Election for Renewal and Continuation of Levy of the 3 Mill School District Tax - AGAINST proposed taxation

Lauderdale County

Lauderdale County Probate Judge – William Smith

Lauderdale County Board of Education, Place no. 4 – Joshua Miller

State Republican Executive Committee, Lauderdale County Place no. 1 - John Hargett
State Republican Executive Committee, Lauderdale County Place no. 4 - James Elwin Irby

Lauderdale County Republican Executive Committee

Place 1 - Barry Morris
Place 3 - Joan Davis
Place 5 - no recommendation
Place 8 - Matthew Sorrell
Place 11 - no recommendation
Place 14 - Josh Miller
Place 20 - Margaret Irby
Place 21 - Billy Hammock
Place 23 - Shelly Pettus
Place 24 - Jonathan Foster
Place 25 - John Hargett

Limestone County

Limestone County Commission Chairman – Collin Daly

Limestone County License Commissioner – Terry Persell

State Republican Executive Committee, Limestone County, place 1 – John Wahl
State Republican Executive Committee, Limestone County, place 3 – Ben Harrison

Madison County

Madison County Probate Judge – Frank Barger

State Republican Executive Committee, Madison County District 1, Place 1 – Matthew A. Hitt
Madison County Republican Executive Committee, at Large Place no. 6 – Brad Taylor
Madison County Republican Executive Committee, at Large Place no. 9 – Tina Clark
Madison County Republican Executive Committee, District 11, Place 2 – Ralph Weber
Madison County Republican Executive Committee, District 11, Place 3 – Thomas Scovill

Morgan County

State Republican Executive Committee, Morgan County Place no. 4 – James Henderson

Shelby County

State Republican Executive Committee, Shelby County Place no. 1 – Bill Armistead

Tuscaloosa County

Tuscaloosa County Probate Judge – Rob Robertson

State Republican Executive Committee, Tuscaloosa County Place no. 4 – Don Wallace

Copy the above slate of candidates and send it to your church friends

Vote June 3, 2014 in Republian Primary.
Vote to protect your 2nd Amendment Rights

Governor - Robert Bentley

Lt. Governor - Stan Cooke

State Auditor - Dale Peterson

Alabama Public Service Commission

Place 1 Kathy Peterson

Place 2 Terry Dunn

Attorney General - Luther Strange

Congress District 6 Scott Beason (R)

Congress District 5 - Mo Brooks (R)

Alabama State Board of Education:

Counties of Cullman, Blount, St. Clair, Cherokee, Dekalb, Morgan, Marshall.
Houston County and other south east Alabama counties.
- Counties of Madison, Limestone, Jackson, Dekalb, and Etowah

Senate and Congress Candidates From Alabama 2014:

Jeff Sessions - US Senate

Mo Brooks - Congressional District 5

Scott Beason - Congressional District 6

Thomas Casson - Congressional District 3

Alabama Pro Gun Rights - Proposed Gun Laws - 2nd Amendment Legislation

Pro 2nd Amendment Pro Gun Rights Across America

Several pro 2nd Amendment pro gun rights rallies have been held across America. Put action on the message and call your local legislator, and ask him to un-restrict the 2nd Amendment.

The time for action is now. Send the newest Super Brochure on our 2nd Amendment Rights, to areas you choose. Go with what works. Super Brochures have been featured on MSNBC, the front page of the New York Times, Boston Globe, L.A. Times and dozens of other major newspapers. Start your mailing now. CLICK HERE - Super Brochure 2nd Amendment Gun Rights

Pro Gun Rights'
Pro Gun Rights in America
Alabama Defenders is a state wide organization, representing our 2nd Amendment rights, and known for leading the charge on pro gun legislation in Alabama.

SB 286 - Passed in 2013 - Sponsor Senator Scott Beason

Strengths and Clarifies our 2nd Amendment Rights
Eliminates permit requirement for handgun in a vehicle, Changes permit issuance from "may" to "shall", but still allows Sheriffs to still deny permit with just reasons.
Expand permit time from 1 to 5 years. Encourages using a permit will work for background check
Clarifies some apparent conflicts in current Alabama laws, which some law enforcement has misinterpreted and given citizens a hard time and unfairly restricted their gun rights.
Some cities in Alabama (Alabaster, Guntersville) have unconstitutionally restricted gun rights, and this law would prevent that. This was a tough bill to get through the Alabama Legislature, thanks to Senator Scott Beason for pushing this through.
Universal recognition of concealed weapon permits from other states.
YES to SB - 286
As our state legislators begin the 2013 session, we must stand together to encourage them to PASS and if necessary DEFEND all 2nd Amendment legislation and all other God given UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. This is about our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th amendments.

It is YOUR freedom, but are you willing to defend it? Our children and grandchildren are depending on US!
For details and more information, please visit:
Great Youtube Video explaining SB - 286 - 2nd Amendment rights. Every state in the South is a shall issue state, except Alabama. The Alabama Sheriff's Association have put out very misleading information on this subject.
See 2 great You Tube videos on 2nd Amendment rights and importance of "Shall Issue" Bama Carry 2nd Amendment "Shall Issue" SB 286
Defense of 2nd Amendment by Bama Carry

See Alabama Gun Show Schedule Bottom of this page for rest of this year

Alabama Pro Gun Rights Constitutional Amendment - Passed in 2013 - Before Voters in Nov. 2014

A great piece of Pro Gun Legislation that we need to get behind, HB 8
Pro Gun Constitutional Amendment, HB 8, would strengthen protections for gun ownership in Alabama. If approved, the amendment would also add to the Alabama Constitution language barring United Nations or international treaties or laws from interfering with the "fundamental right to bear arms in defense of himself or herself and the state."
Any restriction on this right shall be subject to strict scrutiny, it reads.
The bill's sponsor, Rep. Mike Jones, R-Andalusia, said his intent is to bring state laws more inline with federal laws regarding gun ownership.
"If there's any question in state courts, it just takes the question away and makes it clear that is the level of review," he said. If approved, the amendment would also add to the Alabama Constitution language barring international treaties or laws from interfering with the "fundamental right to bear arms in defense of himself or herself and the state."
That language is intended to to counter what Jones described as "an on-again-off-again push" for some international treaties to impact the right to bear arms.
Questioned about the ongoing national debate over gun rights, Jones said, as a parent, he has the same thoughts and sadness as any parent would in reaction to the mass school shooting in Newtown.
That language is intended to to counter what Jones described as "an on-again-off-again push" for some international treaties to impact the right to bear arms. The United Nations has a proposed treaty before the US Senate to restrict and control gun ownership. - - A Strong YES to HB 8.

Alabama Pro Gun Rights Bills 2014 Legislature - Senator Scott Beason and Senator Gerald Allen

In the 2014 legislature, Senator Scott Beason introduced legislation to allow a citizen to carry a gun in their car with out a permit. Senator Scott Beason gun bill
SB70 Shad McGill
This bill would provide that any official, agent, or employee of the United States government who enforces or attempts to enforce any act, order, law, or rule or regulation adopted by the federal government upon a personal firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition, that is manufactured commercially or privately in this state and that remains exclusively within the borders of this state is guilty of a Class C felony.
One of the best bills to guarantee our 2nd Amendment rights. Has passed out of Committee. Need to encourage Senators to get on Calendar and get it voted on.
By Senators Sanford, Scott Beason, McGill, Scofield and Whatley
Synopsis: This bill would prevent infringement on the right to keep and bear arms by the federal government and would nullify all federal acts in violation of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
(1) The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads as follows: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Section 3. (a) All federal acts, laws, orders, rules, or regulations in violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution are contrary to the true meaning and intent of the Constitution as given by its authors and ratifiers and are invalid in this state, shall not be recognized by this state, are specifically rejected by this state, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in this state.
By Senators Allen, Ward, Waggoner, Sanford and Fielding
Synopsis: This bill would exempt from federal regulation under the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured and retained within the borders of Alabama.
This bill would also exclude certain firearms and ammunition from this act. Has passed out of Committee. Need to encourage Senators to get on Calendar and get it voted on.

(1) The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees to the states and their people all powers not granted to the federal government elsewhere in the Constitution or prohibited by the Constitution to the states, and reserves to the State of Alabama and its people certain powers as they were understood at the time that Alabama was admitted to statehood in 1819. The guaranty of those powers is a matter of contract between the State of Alabama and its people and the United States as of the time that the compact with the United States was agreed upon and adopted by Alabama and the United States in 1819.

Pending House Bills - Died in 2013 - Try Again in 2014

HB 55
HB 55 Sponsored by Todd Greeson (R-24),
Carrying a gun is not to be considered Disorderly conduct, definition revised, Allows constitutional right to carry a gun in a car, a right allowed to every state in the South, except Alabama. HB55 Very Important bill.

Additional bills have also been introduced. Includes bills to allow local school boards under their discretion and permission teachers to carry guns, once training requirements are completed. 2 separate bills by Rep Kerry Rich, and Johnny Morrow. HB 53 and HB 129 Johnny Morrow (D-18) and Kerry Rich (R-26). They both concern themselves with armed guards in schools, but Morrow's bill relies on unpaid volunteers and free training from the local police or sheriff, and Kerry Rich's goes gives freedom for local school boards to make local decisions, and allows alternative weapons like stun guns, etc.

More Info on Bills before Alabama Legislature:
SB86 - Sen. Whatley (R-27) issue people a Lifetime Pistol Permit.
SB 82 - by Senator Glover, Mobile only bill, good bill.
SB 177
Great Bill, By Senators Dial, Holley, Taylor and Whatley. Prohibits ciites from enacting gun laws that would further restrict your 2nd Amendment rights concerning guns or rifles. Great bill, as several Alabama cities have reflected Democrat thinking in restricting gun rights, Alabaster, Tuscaloosa, and Guntersville have moved to the left.
SB 165 Castle Doctrine.
This bill would provide that an owner, employee, or other person authorized to be on business premises after the business has closed to the public may use deadly physical force in self-defense or the defense of another person against a person who is committing or attempting to commit a burglary or robbery of the business. Scott Beason goes Congress HB 42
simply states that you can take your pistol to a firing range if it is in a locked box and not loaded. This bill may clarify some local interpretation of current law. But most 2nd Amendment supporters DO NOT like this bill, as they are in favor of unrestricting the 2nd Amendment, and are instead supporting, HB 55, allowing citizens to carry guns in their car.

Alabama Organizations Support 2nd Amendment Pro Gun Laws

Protect our Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights
The following conservative groups and tea party organizations support strengthening 2nd Amendment Ala Gun Laws:
Alabama Citizens Against Drunk Driving - - - Alabama Prohibition Party
Alabama Clergy Council - - - - Oath Keepers
Alabama Federation of Republican Women - - - - Alabama Defenders of the Constitution
Alabama Conservative Congress - - - - Alabama Birmingham Liberty Conservatives
Definition of Conservative Christians
- - - - Alabama Conservatives for Liberty - - - - Alabama Citizens Against Drunk Driving
Alabama Christian Citizens - - - - Pro Gun Rights Alabama
The Madison Institute of Madison, Al - - - - Restore America of Birmingham - Ron Paul
Alabama Alliance for Citizens Rights
Alabama Prep Mart Survival Supplies and Products
Alabama Gun Shows See Alabama Gun Show Schedule Bottom of this page

Rainy Day Patriots of Birmingham - over 4,000 strong Alabama's largest Tea Party Group, Rainy Day Patriots of Birmingham
Wetumpka TEA Party Wetumpka Tea Party
Montgomery Tea Party
Calhoun County Rain Day Tea Party Patriots - - - - Liberty Tea Party Patriots of Ala
Common Sense Tea Party Patriots of Covington County - - - - Liberty Tea Party Patriots of Morgan County
Alabama Liberty Tea Party Patriots - - - - Patriots of Liberty TEA Party (Auburn)
Liberty Tea Party State Wide Directory
The Alabama Tea Party Patriots Over 3000 strong in Alabama, oppose Obama Gun Grabbing
Barbour County Tea Party - - - Covington County AL. Tea Party Patriots
COMMON SENSE CAMPAIGN TEA PARTY Mobile Baldwin Common Sense Campaign Tea Party
Alabama Tea Party Caucus Patriot

Alabama Constitution Party Meetup Group
Alabama Oath Keepers - - - Dale Petersen

Against Your Pro Gun Rights - Alabama Sheriff's Association

Several pro 2nd Amendment bills are before the Ala Legislature. Unfortunately, the Ala Sheriff's Association has launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to discredit these 2nd Amendment bills. The truth is coming out, that the Ala Sheriff's Association is made up of mostly Democrat Sheriffs, who have their liberal Democrat Obama thinking cap on. The Democrat Sheriff's have had several newspaper articles across the state with their slanted info campaign. Many Alabama business council type moderates are also working behind the scenes to kill 2nd Amendment bills.

The Following Alabama Sheriffs have taken the pro Democrat liberal position of Anti-2nd Amendment
Click on Link -
Mobile County Alabama Sheriff Sam Cochran - Sheriff Sam Cochran Mobile County
Sheriff Mike Hale of Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale Jefferson County!/groups/514728661899360/?fref=ts
Sheriff Mike Blakely of Limestone County = Sheriff Mike Blakely Limestone County
Escambia County Sheriff Grover Smith!/groups/140298849481802/?fref=ts
Sheriff D.T. Marshall Montgomery County - Sheriff Sheriff D.T. Marshall Montgomery County
Washington=Sheriff Richard Stringer!/groups/487768927943609/?fref=ts
Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams!/groups/153786728118835/?fref=ts
Alabama Attorney General Opinions on Gun Laws

States Say NO to Obama Seizure of Federal Gun Control

No sooner had President Barack Obama laid out his gun control proposals Wednesday, than some states responded, saying they would move to block the laws' enforcement. Some state legislators were even working feverishly to block the measures before the president proposed them.

In Wyoming, state Rep. Kendell Kroeker was joined by several other state legislators in proposing a bill that reads "any federal law which attempts to ban a semi-automatic firearm or to limit the size of a magazine of a firearm or other limitation on firearms in this state shall be unenforceable in Wyoming."
Like other states, the bill would make it a felony for a federal employee to enforce federal legislation on a firearm or ammunition "owned or manufactured commercially or privately in Wyoming" that remains in the state.

And it's not just state legislators. A sheriff in Oregon, Tim Mueller of Linn County, wrote a letter to Vice President Joe Biden on Monday which he posted on his Facebook page, telling Biden, "We must not allow, nor shall we tolerate, the actions of criminals no matter how heinous the crimes to prompt politicians to enact laws that will infringe upon the liberties of responsible citizens who have broken no laws."
"Any federal regulation enacted by Congress or by executive order of the President offending the constitutional rights of my citizens shall not be enforced by me or my deputies, nor will I permit the enforcement of any constitutional regulations or orders by federal officers within the borders of Linn County Oregon," Mueller wrote in the letter.

After the president's announcement, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant joined House Speaker Phil Gunn at a press conference at the State Capitol in Jackson to denounce the president's gun control measures and call on the legislature to make it illegal to enforce any of the new federal gun control measures.
"We are here to assure Mississippians that we are going to continue to fight for their Second Amendment rights to bear arms," Gunn said. "These are dangerous times, and people have a constitutional right to protect themselves and their property."
Bryant also tweeted out a letter he wrote to Gunn and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, saying that the president's Executive Order "infringes our constitutional right to keep and bear arms as never before in American history. Obama on Gun Violence Measures: 'This Is Common Sense' Watch Video Obama: Responsible Gun Owners Have Nothing to Worry About Watch Video Gun Violence Debate: Joe Biden to Make Announcement Watch Video
"I am asking that you immediately pass legislation that would make any unconstitutional order by the President illegal to enforce in Mississippi by state or local law enforcement," Bryant wrote in the letter, adding that other states have "introduced similar measures and I believe we will be successful in preventing this overreaching and anti-constitutional violation of our rights as American citizens."

On Monday, Texas State Rep. Steve Toth, who represents an area near Houston, announced he would file legislation "assisting the protection of the Second Amendment."
Named the "Firearms Protection Act," the bill would make "any federal law banning semi-automatic firearms or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state's boundaries" and most notably "anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban could face felony charges under the proposal."
"We can no longer depend on the Federal Government and this Administration to uphold a Constitution that they no longer believe in," Toth said in a release. "The liberties of the People of Texas and the sovereignty of our State are too important to just let the Federal Government take them away."


Battle of Athens Video
This is a must see video. The farmers and veterans of Athens, Tennessee take back their courthouse using guns and 2nd Amendment. The citizens, with the force of guns, take back their government and over throw a corrupt court house gang. An inspiring short youtube clip of citizens using their 2nd Amendment rights.
This exciting youtube shows clips from the movie made from this inspiring story. The best demonstration of how the 2nd Amendment will protect our rights. See youtube link below.
Battle of Athens -

HB116 and HB 53 - 2nd Amendment School Protection, allows local Sheriff and school officials to organize local citizens to protect local schools. By Rep Johnny Morrow
A pro 2nd Amendment bill HB116, finally passed the Ala Legislature, which is good news. Bad news is that Governor Bentley has vetoed it.

Conservatives across the state are supporting this bill. If the sheriff or chief of police determines that a program is warranted, they would develop a crisis plan that would include a plan of action for the emergency force.

The bill's sponsor, Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, D-Red Bay, said he was contacted by parents and school employees after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting in December. He said he organized a meeting of school principals, administrators and law enforcement to discuss school safety. He said there was unanimous support at the meeting for the concept proposed in his bill. "This was not Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow's idea," Morrow said. "It was an idea put together by the education community and law enforcement community in Franklin County saying we want this."

Message from the Madison Institute concerning HB116:
We should encourage the Legislature to override the veto on HB 116, which is a great bill, and currently applicable to Franklin County only. The excuse for training is a lame one. As a concealed carry holder we already have a right to carry a gun on a school campus. Having organized volunteers will only increase security for our children and not increase costs. If the school or the local Sheriff wants to provide training opportunities for their volunteers great! But is should not be a reason to not act proactively and responsibly now. This school bill should go as is, and allow volunteers to be trained according to the local sheriff (who is responsible for the safety of the community) and be free from liability; just like the good Samaritan law. The people should be allowed to control their safety by electing the sheriff to do so. If the local people - who put their free time in to protect their own children - want to conform to some standards (many will), then it should be their option, but not demand an ever escalating training and cost that will kill any volunteer program before it starts. This bill would authorize the formation of volunteer emergency security forces at public K-12 schools in the state consisting of current and retired school employees and local citizens. This bill would provide for the role of the sheriff and the chief of police in the training and supervision of emergency security forces.
Encourage the Legislature to override the Veto on HB 116, ...and make it applicable statewide by bill HB 53!
Governor Bentley has made a major mistake when he vetoed HB116, so take action to support the 2nd Amendment and ask your legislator to override HB116.

Gun Violence in Schools? Drugs Root Cause

Literally every single act of gun violence in schools come from the user having a major drug problem. Key to resolving issue, is to reduce drug use, especially legal prescription drugs that deal with depression, or other mind altering medications.
See Youtube video. -


Huntsville Rocket City Gun & Knife Expo (Aug 18-19, 2013) - - - -
Shoals Gun & Knife Expo ( 2013)

For More ALA Gun Show Information CLICK HERE - Alabama Gun Shows

Need for Better 2nd Amendment Laws in Alabama

After Two young intruders broke down a door to get into the home of Reginald Acuff, a Huntsville developer, just before midnight on Dec. 8. They had at least one rifle. Mr. Acuff was able to get to his gun, exchanged shots with one of the intruders and shot the other one as he was being attacked. One of the intruders fled; the other one lay dead on the kitchen floor. Mr. Acuff, although in a state of shock, was not hurt. In times past, this would have been considered an open-and-shut case -- a burglar killed in the act of trying to steal from a law-abiding citizen. Not today.

In todays times, Mr. Acuff is a suspect who must be investigated to determine if he had the right to protect himself and his property from intruders. And, Alabama law is, to some extent, on the side of the intruders. Alabama law say, If these intruders had only intended to steal something from Mr. Acuff, and did not threaten him with bodily harm, Mr. Acuff would now be charged with homicide.
An Alabama home owner must think twice before shooting someone who has broken into his home. He must first decide if he is in mortal danger. And, while he is deciding, he just might be killed himself. In todays society we seem to attach more importance to the rights of criminals than we do to those of law-abiding citizens.
Read More: Suppressed News Alabama Gun Laws

Pro Gun Rights Rallies

The Welcome Back to the Alabama Legislature was very successful. Your support sent them a message.

Rainy Day Patriots are sponsoring a Welcome Back Rally for the Alabama Legislature on Feb 5 from 11:00 to 1:00. Folks from will also be assisting as well as many tea party groups across the state.
Location: State House Street: 11 South Union Street City/Town: Montgomery Alabama
This is a Rainy Day Tea Party Event, and will also have Pro 2nd Amendment Speakers and Emphasis. Organized By: Rainy Day Patriots

This rally is about much more than just Alabama firearms. Since our Federal Government seems to disregard our voice, we MUST stand strong in our state. Please join us in making our voices heard, in Montgomery. If you only stand up for your freedom one time this year, make sure this is it. See the event on Facebook, of AL MICKLE and make plans to be there. Also, bring your friends and neighbors. It’s time to get off the couch and get ACTIVE in protecting our liberty.

As our state legislators begin the 2013 session, we will stand together, to encourage them to PASS and if necessary DEFEND the Alabama Firearms Freedom Act and other God given liberties. This is about our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th Amendments. Wear a RED SHIRT and get 10 friends to join us. It is YOUR freedom, but are you willing to defend it? Make plans to be there. Your children and grandchildren are depending on YOU!

Ala Welcome Back Alabama Legislature Rally
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013 - 11:00 AM - Montgomery Steps of Alabama State House - WEAR A RED SHIRT
For additional info, call: Al Mickle: 205-249-0696. Carl James: 256-365-1805

Friends and Patriots,
As our state legislators begin the 2013 session, we will stand together, to encourage them to PASS and if necessary DEFEND the Alabama Firearms Freedom Act and other God given liberties. This is about our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th Amendments. Wear a RED SHIRT and get 10 friends to join us. It is YOUR freedom, but are you willing to defend it? Make plans to be there. Your children and grandchildren are depending on YOU!


Montgomery Saturday January 19 at 12 Noon
Guns Across America rally were held at state capitals across the United States on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. local time.
MONTGOMERY, Alabama – Hundreds of gun owners and advocates rallied at state capitols across the country – including Alabama – to voice their opposition to gun control measures being proposed after the Connecticut school shooting. A crowd of more than 400 gathered on the lawn of the Alabama Capitol lawn as part of the “Guns Across America” demonstration planned in most states. Waving signs that “People Kill, Not Guns” and “I Have The Right,” speakers and demonstrators said they were standing up for both gun owners and gun ownership. “We are all united in support for the Second Amendment,” said Bianca Burton, who along with her husband helped organize the Alabama rally. Dale Peterson gave a rousing speech at the Montgomery rally that was meant to cause people to think about why certain unbelievable public decisions have been made. We hear the gun control advocates say. “Just because we want to ban assault weapons does not mean we want to limit anyone’s hunting privileges.” Well, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting; it has to do with an individual’s right to protect himself. As the Second Amendment rally in Montgomery got underway on January 19, so did rallies in 46 other states. This was an effort by law-abiding citizens to show the Obama administration that they are drawing a line and will not stand for any more trampling of our Constitutional rights. As Dale Peterson so clearly put it in his speech at the Montgomery rally, “The Obama administration, by trying to bypass congress and issue gun controls through executive orders, has just bitten 100,000,000 bears (gun owners) in the ass.”

Proposed Bill - Allow Teachers to be Armed - Under Certain Conditions

ALBERTVILLE, Alabama — A state legislator from Marshall County wants to provide a legal pathway for to school administrators and teachers to carry guns to keep schools safe. Rep. Kerry Rich, R-Albertville, said today he is planning to pre-file a bill for the state House of Representatives to consider when it goes into session in February.
Under Rich’s plan, the bill would authorize a school system superintendent and board of education to identify and approve potential administrators and teachers to carry guns. Rich, who serves on the House Education Policy committee, pointed out that the principal at Sandy Hook, Dawn Hochsprung, encountered the shooter and attempted to stop him before being shot and killed.
“If she had had a gun, or someone in that school had a gun, they could have taken him out before he reached the students,” Rich said. “That’s all I’m trying to achieve here — a way and a means where people have a way of protecting themselves and students in schools.” Rich said putting the decision of which school employees should carry guns in the hands of the superintendents and school boards would be most appropriate because they know the employees best. “They know the people that work for them,” he said. “They know their character and they know their background. They know if they be able to a handle a gun. These people would be required to go through the same training as far as handling a gun as a police officer would.”
Rich said he has received favorable responses from other legislators he has discussed the bill with as well as law enforcement officials. He said he planned to have the bill ready when the Legislature goes into session on Feb. 5.
“We need to be logical, we need to be realistic about this stuff,” he said. “Passing another gun law is not going to help the solve problem, in my opinion. There are some things you can do maybe on the fringes of things. You don’t want people with mental problems to be able to get guns. We don’t want people convicted of felony — especially convicted of crimes of violence — to be able to get a gun. The only thing I would even think about in that regard would be at gun shows that you have to do a background check. “I think the gun laws are basically adequate. We need better enforcement. If we would enforce the laws we have, they are probably adequate. The thing that’s really bad, in my opinion, we have gotten to a point where our culture is in such a fix, these kinds of things happen.” Read more at:
YES to HB 53 and HB 129 Johnny Morrow (D-18) and Kerry Rich (R-26).