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The Alabama Constitutional Amendments Election November 8, 2016

Conservative recommendations for the Constitutional Amendments:

Amendment 1 - No

Amendment 2 - No

Amendment 3 - No

Amendment 4 - No

Amendment 5 - No

Amendment 6 - No - Makes it harder for corrupt politicians like Gov. Bentley to be impeached.

Amendment 7 - Yes

Amendment 8 - Yes - Makes Right to Work part of the Constitution in addition to being a statute.

Amendment 9 - No

Amendment 10 - No

Amendment 11 - No - gives cities huge eminent domain power to benefit business and destroys property rights.

Amendment 12 - No

Amendment 13 - Yes

Amendment 14 - Yes

Madison County Local Amendment 1 - Yes

The Alabama Constitutional Amendments Election November 6, 2012

Alabama Election September 18, 2012 - The Constitutional Medicaid Amendment


VOTE NO on Sept 18, 2012
for the Alabama Special Election on Amendment the Ala Constitution.
Election to provide funding to the Medicaid Program, a welfare program to provide medical services that is state and federally funded.

SYNOPSIS: The State General Fund (GF) budget for FY 2012-2013 of $1.67 billion is short $145.8 million. The State must either cut more spending or find funds to cover this deficiency. The Legislature voted to balance the 2013 GF by taking money from the Alabama Trust Fund (ATF), CONTINGENT on voters passing a Constitutional Amendment (CA) on Sept. 18.
The Constitutional Amendment has become controversial for several reasons:
(1) It takes money from the principal, raids or empties the Trust Fund, but there is no legal obligation to repay it.
(2) It asks voters to approve using ATF funds to balance the General Fund budget for the next three years, not just for 2013 - by $145.8 million EACH year.
(3) The $437.4 million effectively redirects the repayment of $437.4 million owed by the Education Trust Fund to the ETF Rainy Day fund within the ATF. This ETF debt must be repaid over the next three years.

The Governor has stated that if this constitutional amendment fails, he will likely call a special session of the Legislature to find additional cuts to balance the 2013 budget.

Why VOTE NO on September 18, 2012 for Constitutional Amendment

It is not wise to draw down the principal of the $2.4 billion ATF account any time, but especially when inflows from royalties are slowing to a trickle.

Interest income and capital gains from the ATF are one of largest revenue sources for the GF.
Cutting the principal reduces the yearly income for the GF from earnings. This means there will be less future revenue for the GF, which will require new taxes or a new funding source.
It is the States responsibility to pass a balanced budget on realistic revenue projections - not to continually siphon savings accounts to balance the budget until Rainy Day funds are depleted, then to raid the principal.

Taking one-fifth of the principal of the State's $2.4 billion investment/savings account without paying it back is irresponsible, and sets a bad precedent.
The first sentence in the CA sets a new formula to distribute ATF funds. This formula could deplete the entire ATF in a decade or two.
A permanent fix is needed, not another bail out for a broken system for another three years. It's now or later.

Alabama September 18 Constitution Amendment

AEA supports the Medicaid Amendment 1 of Sept 18

MONTGOMERY - In the most recent issue of the AEA journal, Executive Secretary Dr. Henry Mabry informed members of the importance of supporting the September 18 constitutional amendment. Recently, Dr. Mabry, who has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Alabama state budget, agreed to sit down with the Alabama Political Reporter, to share his insight on the state's financial dilemma as well as his thoughts on Medicaid and the impending constitutional amendment to fund critical Medicaid medical services for those on welfare for the state. It was obvious at the beginning of the session that the General Fund was going to need more revenue, it was obvious last year, it is the same every year, Mabry began. The Governor had proposed that the money to cover the General Fund shortfall come from the Education Trust Fund, we tried to work with legislators to come up with some alternatives to address the problem facing the state.

Since the bulk of revenues in Ala go towards education, any serious reform or budget cuts would clearly hit the education and the scared cows of the AEA. We need to be serious about reforming the Ala Budget, living within our means, and to kick the can down the road is irresponsible.

LIBERAL VS. CONSERVATIVE - Liberal groups are aggressively pushing a YES VOTE to Amendment 1 to Alabama Constitution

Who are these liberal groups pushing a Yes vote?
See the list of liberal Groups like the AEA, Senator Roger Bedford, Birmingham News, Huntsville Times, NAACP, Alabama Arise, etc.
See full list at:
The NAACP supports YES Vote. The NAACP does not wish to cut the welfare medical program, Medicaid

Conservative Groups Vote No to the Sept 18 Medicaid Alabama Constitutional Amendment

With all of the major conservative groups lining up and uniting against this Constitutional Amendment, it is clear that this is a conservative cause.
Straw Poll. At the Morgan County Republican Mens Breakfast in Decatur, a straw poll on Sept 8, reflected
47 votes NO, and only 1 vote YES.

These Conservative Groups Say VOTE NO on September 18:

Alabama Prohibition Party, Alabama Federation of Republican Women, Conservative Christians of Alabama,
Alabama Eagle Forum, Alabama Clergy Council, Alabama Conservative Congress
Alabama Defenders of the Constitution, Alabama Smart Girl Politics, Birmingham Liberty Conservatives
Alabama Citizens Against Drunk Driving, Alabama Alliance Against Abortion, North Alabama Conservatives for Liberty
The Madison Institute of Madison, Al, Alabama League of Christian Voters, Alabama Conservative Newspaper,
Don't Bust the Trust Video by Smart Girl Politics of Ala, ,WVNN Radio Attack Machine
Alabama Republican Assembly, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Citizens Task Force, Tennessee Valley Republican Club of Madison, Al
Alabama Constitution Party, Alabama Christian Citizens,
Alabama Senior News, Alabama Campaign for Liberty

Alabama Tea Party Groups Oppose Amendment of Sept 18

The below Alabama Tea Parties across the state wish to send a message to all of Alabama. We have had enough - VOTE NO ON SEPTEMBER 18.

Alabama Tea Party and Conservative Groups met on July 23, 2012, with them (25 leaders in attendance) they demonstrated their Opposition to Alabama Medicaid Constitution Amendment.
At meeting of Ala Tea Parties Gary Palmer spoke about the Sept. 18th Trust Fund vote and explained ways that we can greatly reduce expenditures in State Government. For info on the solutions, so we can urge our elected officials to implement them. - Tea Party Opposition to Ala Medicaid Amendment - Rainy Day Patriots of Birmingham - over 4,000 strong Alabama's largest Tea Party Group, Rainy Day Patriots of Birmingham Opposes the Ala Medicaid Amendment -
Rainy Day Patriots of Birmingham - over 4,000 strong Alabama's largest Tea Party Group, Rainy Day Patriots of Birmingham Opposes the Ala Medicaid Amendment

Wetumpka TEA Party Wetumpka Tea Party
Montgomery Tea Party, Liberty Tea Party Patriots of Morgan County, Calhoun County Rain Day Tea Party Patriots
Liberty Tea Party Patriots of Ala, Walker County Tea Party, Jasper/Walker County, Common Sense Tea Party Patriots of Covington County, Liberty Tea Party Patriots of Morgan County
The Alabama Tea Party Patriots Over 3000 strong in Alabama, oppose the Medicaid Amendment
Pratville Tea Party Patriots of Liberty TEA Party (Auburn) The Lamar County Tea Party Patriots
John Birch Society - Mobile Chapter
COMMON SENSE CAMPAIGN TEA PARTY Mobile Baldwin Common Sense Campaign Tea Party
Ft Mitchell Patriots Ft. Mitchell Patriots East Alabama Patriots East Alabama Patriots Walker County Tea Party Rainy Day Patriots , Walker County Tea Party ‹jasperdelegation
Athens Limestone County Tea Party Alabama Liberty Tea Party Patriots Liberty Tea Party State Wide Directory
Tea Party Time Alabama The group that produces the TV Show Freedom Report Forever Wild - Not Forever Alabama
The Ala Tea Party Caucus also opposes this amendment, Find a Tea Party near you: Alabama Tea Party Caucus
Alabama Forester Association
The Ala Forester Association cannot support this amendment. Read their evaluation of poor Alabama state management, and lack of Government Accountability. - Tim James "I think as a party we have promised to make the hard financial decisions, not to kick the can down the road and borrow and borrow more and more in some hope that things will get better." said Tim James. "It's not Republican. And, it's not what is best for Alabama taxpayers." - Senator Dick Brewbaker - Proponents aren't shooting quite straight either. By now most have heard of the release of violent felons, the closure of hospitals and nursing homes, and the general demise of state government that will follow if the referendum fails. I don't think so. Any politician, particularly the Governor, who presides over the release of felons and the eviction of the elderly from nursing homes can kiss their political career goodbye. Remember that all these terrible things only happen if the Governor and the legislature do nothing. - Senator Paul Sanford, - State Sen. Paul Sanford (R) of Huntsville told WHNT News 19 he was encouraging his constituents to VOTE NO on the ballot issue.
I am against the amendment, said Sanford, who endorses an alternative budget plan that aims to erase the deficit by cutting millions in government pork. I and the people I talk to don't see the willingness to trust that the government is going to do the responsible thing. One of my bills that passed this year consolidated two agencies: Department of Labor and Department of Industrial Relations. I think we need to do more measures like that and curtail some cost. A lot of these suggestions have been put on the desk and are collecting dust. - Senator Paul Bussman, I am opposed to the amendment, Bussman said. We have been living off one-time money for four or five years and we have got to stop doing that. It is not solving the problem. I don't think it's right for a legislator like me to sit on a fence.
Senator PAUL BUSSMAN of Cullman - is voting NO on Sept 18. - State Rep Phil Williams - I am also hopeful that we begin a dialog in our state concerning personal responsibility for our health. If we are going to be able to take care of our truly needy citizens we must "tighten up" in other areas. If you smoke 4 packs a day and at age 50 need a $300,000 procedure should the taxpayers be responsible for this cost? As always, I hope to hear your thoughts. I will VOTE NO on September 18th.

State Rep Craig Ford, Ford said depleting the principal of the Alabama Trust Fund will reduce interest earnings to other state functions. "Lower interest payments results in even less money for the General Fund budget in the coming years," he said. Vote No.

Gary Palmer-President of the Alabama Policy Institute
State Rep Richard Laird - Senator Scott Beason
Senator Scott Beason Senator Beason blamed special interests for earmarking the revenue, and said the state needed to "revitalize how the state government and its budget work." He also said that legislators having discretionary funds suggested the state was not in a financial crisis. Like other opponents, he also suggested the state should look at waste in government. The Senator Beason, most notable as a key mover of the state's immigration law, joins politicians from both sides of the aisle who oppose the amendment, including House Minority Leader Craig Ford, D-Gadsden; Rep. Joe Hubbard, D-Montgomery and Sens. Paul Bussman, R-Cullman and Dick Brewbaker, R-Montgomery.
State Rep Dan Williams of Athens - State Rep Dan Williams and also former Mayor of Athens. - Jim Zeigler, former Alabama Pubic Service Commissioner,

Senator John Rice, former member of the Ala State Senate and now Alabama Limited Government Association. - Alabama Eagle Forum - Reasons to Vote No on Sept 18 - Gary Palmer-President of the Alabama Policy Institute
Palmer says that the Constitutional Amendment being proposed on September 18th does not meet either of those criteria so conservatives should vote against passage of the amendment. The proposed constitutional amendment would raid $437 million from the Alabama's Trust Fund for three years so that the state can pay for Alabama General Fund spending for the next three years. Palmer said that there are other things the state can do to reform its spending other than raiding the trust fund. Palmer said that he was appointed to a commission for reforming Alabama state government by Governor Robert Bentley. Palmer says that they identified 500 properties which the state owns which they are not using and another 2,400 pieces of property which the state owns that could potentially be downsized by a legislature which was more committed to downsizing state government. He said the state even owned two (now closed) bait shops. None of the Commission's recommendations were implemented. Instead of rightsizing and reforming state government the state legislature passed a budget based on raiding the state's trust fund. Palmer spoke about the Sept. 18th Trust Fund vote and explained ways that we can greatly reduce expenditures in State Government. Find out what they are, so we can urge our elected officials to implement them. - Dale Jackson, WVNN Talk Radio
Kill Amendment 1 on September 18. Vote NO and stop the raid on the Alabama Trust Fund. Or we could just ignore $600 million of fraud each year.
I could take our Governor and legislators more seriously, if when they talk about throwing more money at Medicaid they would also tell me something about their recent and planned efforts to roll back the massive level of fraud that plagues the program. The General Accounting Office estimates that 10 to 15 percent of payments to Medicaid providers are fraudulent. That means $600 to $900 million of fraud each year in Alabama's $6 billion Medicaid program. That's four to six times more than the $146 million the Governor wants to take from the Alabama Trust Fund each year. Private insurers have a fraud rate estimated at 1 to 1.5 percent. Are they smarter than federal and Alabama officials? Is there some reason the Governor is not talking about solving the Medicaid fraud problem? Or is it just easier to raid the Alabama Trust Fund?

Over 70 Conservative and Alabama Tea Party Groups - Just Cannot be Wrong

The above list of over 70 Conservative and Alabama Tea Party Groups, and members of the Ala Legislature add up to over 70. The Conservative Moment in Alabama is coming together to oppose the Ala Medicaid Amendment.
VOTE NO on September 18

Medicaid fraud costs Alabama taxpayers hundreds of millions - Ala Medicaid Fraud
Medicaid fraud costs Alabama taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars each year. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimated that the national improper payment rate for Medicaid was 9.4%. The total net payments made for Medicaid in Alabama in 2011 were $5,234,351,464. Using the 9.4% estimate by HHS, Alabama had approximately $492,029,037.61 in Medicaid fraud in 2011 alone. As a taxpayer, I am outraged at the amount of fraudulent money paid to Medicaid beneficiaries and providers in Alabama. This is a blatant abuse of hard-earned tax dollars. Moreover, the dollar amount of Medicaid fraud in Alabama is significantly greater than the $437 million that the statewide constitutional amendment plans to transfer from the Alabama Trust Fund to the Alabama General Fund. This leads to the next question. Why don’t we address the fraud in Medicaid before we take money from the ATF? This is a HUGE red flag.
What are practical solutions to the General Fund crisis?
1. Crackdown on Medicaid fraud in Alabama. In FY 2010, the Alabama Medicaid Agency reviewed 48 medical providers and 424 pharmacies, and they recovered $1.3 million in Medicaid fraud. This action led to a cost savings of $8.1 million. Also, the Alabama Medicaid Agency suspended 132 Medicaid beneficiaries for abuse and locked 840 Medicaid recipients into one doctor and pharmacy to prevent potential abuse. Medicaid fraud cases are referred to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit within the Office of the Alabama Attorney General (AG). In fiscal year 2010, the AG’s office handled 32 civil and seven criminal cases regarding Medicaid fraud in Alabama. These cases resulted in the return of $5,238,079 to the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The Alabama Medicaid Agency and the Office of the Alabama Attorney General are cracking down on Medicaid fraud, but it is not enough. With estimates of nearly $500 million in Medicaid fraud in a given year in Alabama, the Medicaid Agency and the AG’s office need to step up their investigation and prosecution of Medicaid fraud. The hard-earned dollars of Alabama taxpayers should NOT fund Medicaid fraud anywhere in the state.

Constitution of the United States

The Constitution of the United States of America is the foundation of all law and government in the United States. It provides the framework for the organization of the United States Government and enumerates the powers of the Congress as well as those reserved to the states and to the people, those reserved to the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the Senate and to the Judiciary which are tasked to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and to enforce the laws passed by the Congress.

The United States Constitution describes three main branches of government: The bicameral legislative branch is composed of a House of Representatives and a Senate known collectively as the Congress. Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution places the power of the government in the Congress which makes all the laws. Articles II and III address the powers delegated to the President and to the Judiciary so that they may execute the laws passed by the Congress.

An executive branch led by the President, preserves, protects and defends the Constitution and executes the instructions of the Congress with the advice and consent of the Senate. The president also has certain unique powers reserved to him alone such as the power to pardon, and shared powers such as appointments and treaties made with the advice and consent of the Senate.

A Judicial branch headed by the Supreme Court reviews the laws the Congress has made for their constitutionality. Very early on two principles unstated in the United States Constitution, separation of powers and judicial review were inferred, diluting the powers of the Congress and changing what was initially intended to be a Democracy into a Federalist Republic.


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Emery Boards

Emery boards are generally less abrasive than the metal nail files, and hence, emery boards may take longer to file down nails than metal nail files. However, nail files may play a role in the disease transmission if they are used on more than one person without adequate sterilization. Emery boards are usually less expensive than metal nail files, therefore cheap emery boards can be economically disposed of after use on a single person.

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Definition of Conservative

Weekly Christian History Lessons brought to you by Alabama Defenders

The Story of Harvard

September 14

Son of a butcher, his family died when a plague swept England, leaving him an emery board estate.

He attended Emmanuel College, was ordained, married and sailed for Massachusetts where he pastored the First Church of Charlestown.

At age 31, he died of tuberculosis on SEPTEMBER 14, 1638.

His name was Rev. John Harvard. The College at Cambridge was renamed for Rev. Harvard.

Fifty-percent of 17th-century graduates were ministers, as were 10 out of 12 of Harvard's presidents prior to the Revolution.

Harvard's founders wrote:

"After God had carried us safe to New England, and we...rear'd convenient places for God's worship...dreading to leave an illiterate Ministry to the Churches, when our present Ministers shall lie in the Dust.

it pleased God to stir up the heart of one Mr. Harvard, a godly gentleman and a lover of give the one half of his estate...towards the erecting of a college and all his Library."

As 106 of the first 108 schools in America were founded on Christianity, Harvard's Rules & Precepts stated September 26, 1642:

"Let every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the main end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life. John 17:3."





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