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Alabama Education Common Core
Do We Conform to Alabama Education to Obama Federal Government

Common Core Means Federal Control

The Obama is selecting your kids textbooks so that they will be taught to be Democrats with a liberal world view.

Take Action NOW To Stop The Federal Obama Takeover Of Education In Alabama

The Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) to develop a set of academic standards to be used in common across all states. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a set of learning standards. These standards, if adopted by a state, will REPLACE existing state standards and state textbooks in these subject areas.

Upcoming Issues: * Funding of Common Core Requirements by the 2013 Alabama Legislature

* TextBook Adoption, Sept 10, 2012 A school board meeting will take place on September 10 to consider new Textbook Adoption. These selections and topics are directly aligned with the Obama Administration's Race to the Top and the curriculum designated for Common Core Standards. As one who believes in teaching students to think critically and process, synthesize, evaluate, and apply information, I tried to find some value in these suggested readings and writing prompts. However, I could find no worth whatsoever. The items mentioned in the notes regarding the suggestions were from a VERY liberal left-wing bias. They are liberal leaning and persuasive, not objective forms of evoking critical thinking skills.

We citizens should be very disturbed by the fact that included in these suggestions are attacks on Christianity; encouragement of terrorist entities and faiths; Liberal feminist views and attacks on traditional gender roles; promotion of permissiveness toward illegal immigration, an acceptance and encouragement of pro-choice viewpoints; promotion of tolerance and acceptance of Gay LGBT lifestyles, anti-American sentiments, and many other things that I will list in a letter. I think we need to address this IMMEDIATELY. Recommend begin writing a letter to Governor Bentley and members of the state school board, and the legislature. We all need to do this and also request information on the other texts that are being considered for adoption. We need to see about getting copies of all the texts and studying them carefully. We knew back last fall when we tried to get Common Core rescinded that this was the direction that Common Core and Race to the Top would take our education system. We have work to do.

The Alabama State School Board has officially approved Obama Common Core in Alabama

This action officially commits Alabama to being a player, and to the adoption of liberal textbooks in Alabama classrooms. As it has been said, students who study this liberal propaganda, reject the thinking of their parents and grow up to be Democrats.

The Alabama Legislature can still stop the Obama Common Core Textbooks in Alabama, by simply de-funding it and can also forbid it's implementation. A key player in supporting or stopping Obama Common Core in Alabama will be Speaker Mike Hubbard. It is not clear where he stands on the issue. Several allies of Speaker Hubbard are supporting the Obama Common Core implementation in Alabama, including State Rep Ed Henry. Pressure is on to comply so that Alabama can continue to receive millions of federal education dollars. In other words, use our tax money to bride us in to accepting the Obama agenda.

Alabama Conservative Organizations Opposed to the Obama Federal Common Core, and against adopting Liberal Text Books

Alabama Eagle Forum , Common Core Comments

Alabama Citizens Against Drunk Driving

Alabama Federation of Republican Women The Definition of Conservative Christians

Alabama Prohibition Party of America
Alabama Clergy Council Alabama Defenders of the Constitution
Conservative Congress
Alabama Birmingham Liberty Conservatives - Alabama Conservatives for Liberty

Information Common Core Alabama From 2011

From the President of the Wetumpka TEA Party

Press Conference Tues., Nov. 8th, 10:00am Montgomery, Al State House Star Wars Room - 8th Floor Press conference held to protest Federal Common Core

A group of Alabama leaders who are opposed to the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) are held a press conference on Tuesday, Nov. 8th at 10:00am at the State House in the Star Wars room on the 8th floor. Over 30 tea party leaders and conservative organizations opposed to CCSSI listed at the link below, came to this press conference.

Time is running very short to rescind the adoption of CCSSI. The next state school board meeting in on Thursday, Nov. 10th. Please ask your members to continue to call and email the state school board. They are feeling the HEAT. But we need to kick it up a notch! (Do NOT call Stephanie Bell or Betty Peters as are they are opposed to CCSSI)

Alabama school board votes to keep Common Core national education standards, and Obama Federal Agenda
Published: Thursday, November 10, 2011, 1:06 PM Updated: Thursday, November 10, 2011, 5:45 PM
MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- Alabama will continue to follow a multi-state set of standards in English language arts and math, the Alabama school board decided after nearly two hours of debate. The Board of Education voted 6-3, to continue with its plan to implement the Common Core State Standards at the start of the 2012-13 school year. The board adopted the standards at a meeting last November, but considered rescinding that action today.
Voting NO Gov. Robert Bentley, Stephanie Bell and Betty Peters ,
VOTING YES to keep and implement the Federal Common Core were: Republicans: Mary Scott Hunter, Gary Warren, Charles E Elliott, and
Democrats: Yvette Richardson, and Ella Bell
The standards were developed in an initiative led by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, The U.S. Department of Education and President Barack Obama tied the common standards to federal Race To the Top federal grant money, and gave states extra points on their applications if they adopted the standards. Many feel that corrupted the standards, which were drafted without federal help or funding. "I resent, I really resent the government attaching themselves to these standards," Bentley said. Click here for school board members contact information.

Senator Scott Beason leads the charge on Common Core

Republican state Sen. Scott Beason filed a bill Thursday that would repeal the standards until at least Jan. 1, 2017. Scott Beason secured 14 co-sponsors for his legislation that he hopes will go before the 35-member Senate, the Associated Press reported. “Common Core is an unproven, untested education experiment. If Common Core turns out to be the great educational panacea, then in 2017 the state school board can adopt it,” Scott Beason told the AP. “I’m convinced by that time Common Core will be falling apart all over the country.” Scott Beason on Common Core
Senator Scott Beason Common Core

Additional Information on CCSSI

Click here for Reasons to learn why Common Core Standards are bad for Alabama (More reasons constantly being added-see the latest ones highlighted in yellow.)

As we have seen liberal text books defame the Founding Fathers of our Country, and the authors of our US Constitution with a lack of respect and as evil slave owners who are out of step with reality. That liberal thinking will continue to dominate in Common Core Standards and in textbooks. The Heritage Foundation has pointed out that these federal guidelines will continue to promote the homosexual agenda as a normal lifestyle, and liberal indoctrination of every issue in the classrooms.

The Alabama Eagle Forum has put together excellent documentation at: Alabama Eagle Forum , Common Core Documentation

We Must Stop The Indoctrination Of Our Children And Preserve Local Control Of Education Published on September 9, 2011

So why are the Feds Writing Curriculum and Assessments?

The United States Department of Education (DOE) is funding ($345 m) the development of CCSSI curriculum and assessments (tests), which are being developed by a self-selected group behind closed doors and with no public accountability. [See "Why One National Curriculum is Bad for America” here and here]

According to the Memorandum of Agreement which all adopting states had to sign, 100% of the Common Core standards along with the curriculum and assessments will be imposed upon states. States signing the document agree to "the process and structure” that includes "assessments that are aligned to the common core across the states, for accountability and other appropriate purposes”. Therefore, students must be continuously tested by online computer assessments. Serious concerns over student privacy rights have been expressed by Fordham Law School’s Center on Law and Information Policy, which says that the Federal Department’s effort to promote interoperability between state systems "appears as a backdoor means to create a national database of children’s [and family] information.” As with countless other Obama Administration activities, this de facto national student database is without Congressional authorization. See for information on CCSSI and the vulnerability of our children! Privacy issues include health, education, family, philosophical, financial, student labor and personal.

Why Is One National Curriculum Bad For America? makes seven basic points in what it calls "A Critical Response to … the U. S. Department of Education’s Initiative to Develop a National Curriculum and National Assessments Based on National Standards”. First, national standards, curricula and assessments are without Constitutional or statutory basis. Also included is the fact that population mobility does not justify a national curriculum because the inter-state mobility among school-age children is only 0.3%. Its last point is critical: "undermines control of public school curriculum and instruction at the local and state level.” "Parents and the public will see their ability to influence education policies at the local level disappear, most likely forever.” Civitas Foundation Lance Izumi, JD Former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph Califano who advised Pres. Jimmy Carter in 1977 recognized the danger: "…any set of test questions that the federal government prescribed should surely be suspect as a first step toward a national curriculum … In its most extreme form, national control of curriculum is a form of national control of ideas.”

Take Action NOW To Stop The Federal Takeover Of Education In Alabama

Please call, email or write Gov. Bentley and your state school board member today. You can find their contact information HERE. Ask them to vote to rescind the Board’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards to preserve parental authority and state control of education in Alabama.

Two board members voted NO last November: Stephanie Bell and Betty Peters and are pushing withdrawing from the CCSSI. All others need to hear from you!

Alabama State School Board Members who need to change their support of Common Core Standards These 4 members Mary Scott Hunter, Gary Warren, Charles Elliott, and Randy McKinney, have supported the Common Core Standards in the past, but have failed to change their position. These 4 are Republicans, and it was said that the information presented to them was misleading when the AL State School Board approved the Common Core standards on November 18, 2011.

Gov. Elect Robert Bentley had asked the board to postpone its vote on the common core state standards until his policy team had a chance to review them.

State Sen. Scott Beason read the statement from Bentley, which in part said, "I feel that it is unfair to pass standards such as this when there is an incoming newly elected school board."

Bentley said in the statement that if the board approved the standards today, "I will go on record as opposing this action." Please contact the below:

Mary Scott Hunter, Post Office Box 18572, Huntsville, AL 35801 Phone: (888) 531-1312, Fax: (888) 531-1312, Email: Noe that Mary Scott Hunter is one of the strongest advocates of Common Core.

Gary Warren, Post Office Box 704, Haleyville, AL 35565 Phone: (205) 486-9696, Fax: (205) 486-3170, Email:

Charles E Elliott, M.D., Post Office Box 1584 Decatur, AL 35602, Phone: (256) 580-1705 Email:

If only 2 of the above Al State Board Members, change their position, then the Alabama Common Core resolution can be repealed. Please focus your efforts on the above 4 board members.


Alabama Board members Stephanie Bell and Betty Peters are leading the fight to repeal the Common Core Standards in Alabama.

Stephanie Bell, 3218 Lancaster Lane, Montgomery, AL 36106,
Betty Peters 526 Beatrice Road, Kinsey, AL 36303, --------------------------

Here are the Democrats on the Alabama State School Board: Yvette Richardson, Post Office Box 785, Fairfield, AL 35064, Phone: (205) 923-7262
Ella Bell 2634 Airwood Drive, Montgomery, AL 36108, Phone: (334) 834-2811 -------------------------

Who is supporting Common Core Standards:

Obama Administration AEA Alabama Education Association All Liberal Fools


Who is opposed to Common Core Standards:

Alabama Eagle Forum, and national Eagle Forum Conservative Christians of Alabama Alabama Republican State Party Steering Committee Alabama Federation of Republican Women. Alabama Tea Parties across the state. Alabama Alabama Conservative and Tea Party Groups opposed to Common Core

The Common Core State Standards are filled with "Tactics to Train Students to be Democrats.”

Truth In American Education Everything you would want to know about the complex subject of Common Core can be found at

Governor Rick Perry of Texas and Governor Nicki Haley of South Carolina are opposed to this federal dictatorship, known as Common Core. In their own words here them say it at:

Houston County (Dothan) GOP First to Pass Resolution on Common Core Standards
Dothan: On Monday night, August 29th, the Houston County Republican Executive Committee (HCREC) passed unanimously a Resolution urging the Alabama State Board of Education to rescind its decision made last November 18, 2010 to adopt national "common core standards” that the Obama administration is pushing., AL

Barbara Moore, who presented the Resolution, stated "Our meeting was packed tonight and I’m so grateful for the quick response of the membership. The State Board of Education must not give control of our children’s education to the federal government. Education decisions belong at the local and state level.”

Madison County Alabama Republican Executive Steering Committee passed a restitution recommending Alabama not participate in the Federal Common Core.

Noting that the Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee passed the Resolution by unanimous consent on Saturday, Moore continued, " Houston County is the first GOP county executive committee to follow the lead of ALGOP, but I hope others will as well. We don’t need more federal dictates and intrusion into our lives. We must stand up for our children.”

We need every local Republican County Committee to pass a resolution to repeal the Obama Common Core Curriculum in Alabama.

2. Federal Takover of Our Public Education System

The "No Child Left Behind” Act was a failure. I can attest to that personally as the mother of a special-needs child. But, the federal government is now ramping up it's Common Core Curriculum and shoving down the faces of states, school boards and districts and parents under the guise of "better educating a work force.” It doesn't stop with Kindergarten or Secondary Schooling; no, the federal government NOW oversees all aid given to college students. Is there ANYTHING the federal government SHOULDN'T have a hand in?

3. You may wonder, for example, how K-12 education, a classic state and local policy matter, has become federalized through "No Child Left Behind” and "Race to the Top” reform programs. The answer is: through the Congressional spending power. The feds, in effect, bribe states to follow their ideas about education reform by putting out precious grant money to cash-starved states and school districts. As some of the justices asked in oral argument, how could states not feel "coerced” to follow federal rules at the risk of losing the largest grant program they now receive from Washington? Tallying our inventory of federal challenges to state power, so far we have the most important commerce clause litigation since the New Deal, and the largest case questioning possible federal coercion of states in 25 years. Then comes the Arizona immigration case, in which the federal government has deployed its preemption power in an attempt to stop Arizona from increasing enforcement against illegal immigration, an area in which the federal government has taken the lead but, by all accounts, has woefully under performed. Here the federal government’s power comes from the supremacy clause, establishing that federal law is the supreme law of the land. But states are still free to operate in those areas unless federal law "preempts” the field and states are not acting in conflict with the federal approach. As Arizona’s attorney, Paul Clement, pointed out: "This is another federalism case. This is not all about immigration. It’s really about the relationship between the federal government and state government.”1 Next up, perhaps next term, will be same sex marriage cases, which again raise fundamental questions of federal and state power. Who decides what the law of marriage is, what marriage itself is? Is that a question for states or for the federal government? And surely someone will challenge the federal takeover of K-12 education through reform and testing laws such as "No Child Left Behind” and "Race to the Top” as unlawful exercises of "coercive” federal spending powers. Beginning with the "New Deal” legislation of the 1930’s, we have witnessed a steady expansion of federal power, much of it at the expense of state sovereignty. We may well have reached a tipping point where the Supreme Court will say "enough”, and in at least one of these cases-healthcare, immigration, same sex marriage-federal power will be pushed back. Do we really need Washington to tackle every question? Is everything "a federal issue?” Is there no room for variety among the states, especially on social and values questions? Does Kansas need to follow everything California does? And if so, will we reach a point where state governments themselves-which were an essential part of our founding and federalist system-seem like unnecessary layers of middle management?

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