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Alabama Republican Assembly 2014 - Conservative Candidates

The Republican Assemblies are a grassroots movement to take back the Republican Party for the vast and disenfranchised majority of its members: Reagan conservatives, who believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and a decent America.

In short, we are the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.

Alabama Republican Assembly 2014 Endorsements:

Congress 5th - Mo Brooks

Mad. County Tax Collector Drew R. McKay
Supt. Mad. County Schools Matt Massey
State School Bd Dist. 8 Mike Parsons
Senate Dist. 1 Jonathan Berryhill
Senate Dist. 2 George Barry
State Senate Dist. 7 Paul Sanford
AL House Dist. 22 Ritchie Whorton

Madison County Republican Executive Committee Candidates At-Large Candidates District Contested First Name Last Name

At-large Place 1 ON BALLOT Hugh McInnish
At-large Place 2 ON BALLOT Mike Parsons
At-large Place 3 ON BALLOT John C. Graves
At-large Place 6 ON BALLOT George "Brazo" Barry
At-large Place 8 ON BALLOT Randy Hairston
At-large Place 9 ON BALLOT Tina Clark

Madison County District Candidates
District races only appear on ballots in those districts
District Contested First Name Last Name
District 1, Place 1 ON BALLOT Nan Jones Guyette
District 3, Place 2 ON BALLOT Matthew A. Hitt
District 3, Place 4 ON BALLOT Lynne Matheny
District 3, Place 5 ON BALLOT No Endorsement- no quorum.
District 4, Place 1 ON BALLOT Brad Taylor
District 5, Place 1 ON BALLOT Dean Johnson
District 7, Place 1 ON BALLOT Jim Peters
District 9, Place 1 ON BALLOT Charles A. Orr
District 10, Place 2 ON BALLOT Dee Voelkel
District 11, Place 3 ON BALLOT Larry Creech
District 17, Place 1 ON BALLOT Colin M. Hargrove
District 19, Place 1 ON BALLOT Marcia Parsons
District 22, Place 1 ON BALLOT Keith Kizer
District 23, Place 1 ON BALLOT Rex Moon

State Republican Committee Candidates
District Contested First Name Last Name
At-Large Place 1 ON BALLOT Hugh McInnish
At-Large Place 3 ON BALLOT Randy Hairston
District 3 ON BALLOT Dean Johnson
District 4 ON BALLOT Jim Peters

District 6 ON BALLOT George Barry
District 8 ON BALLOT Colin Hargrove
District 9 ON BALLOT Marcia Parsons
District 10 ON BALLOT Rex Moon

We also support the recommended endorsements from the Florence/Shoals and across north Alabama:

Shad McGill - Jackson County Revenue Commissioner
Rick Singleton - Lauderdale County Sheriff.
Phillip Pettus - Alabama State House Dist 1
Danny Pettus - County Commission Lauderdale County
State Executive Committee Candidates - Lauderdale County
Place 1 Matthew Sorrell
Place 2 William Smith
Place 3 Andrew Sorrell
Place 4 Trey Edwards

Limestone County:
Eric Redd - Sheriff
Stanley Menefee - Limestone County Commission Chairman
Adam Hutchins - Limestone County Commission
State Executive Committee Candidates - Limestone County:
Place 1 Ben Harrison
Place 2 John Wahl
Place 3 Ronnie Coffman

James Henderson - Morgan County State Executive Committee

We the Republican Assembly carry out our mission in two primary ways:

    First, Republican Assemblies work to recruit committed conservative activists to become involved in the Republican Party, earning and taking leadership positions within it and displacing RINOs ("Republicans in Name Only") who do not reflect the overwhelming majority position of Republicans across America. And we put a lot of stress on earn: we know that conservatives, while active in election campaigns, have long ignored the party structure in much of America. We mean to redress that wrong, increase the ranks of activists, revitalize our Party, and turn it into an electoral powerhouse Americans can believe in once again.

    Second, we do what other Republican organizations almost never do: we endorse candidates in contested primaries, so rank-and-file Republicans can know who the true conservative candidates really are. In the spring of every election year, liberal Republicans learn to love Ronald Reagan; ten minutes after clinching the nomination, they remember they love Teddy Kennedy more. We shuck the corn, with highly competitive grassroots endorsing conventions at which candidates must secure two-thirds of our delegates' support to win. And when we're done, there's no question who is who.
Unlike too many other Republicans today, the Republican Assemblies stand strongly for the moral foundation of our Republic, which is that we are created equal and endowed by our Creator, not by our leaders, with our rights."


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